Whats up with the Starlight Glimmer Obsession??

Started by daringfire, 2015 Mar 19, 20:10:03

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2015 Mar 19, 20:10:03 Last Edit: 2015 Mar 20, 18:29:27 by daringfire
I want to know why everyone is obsessing over her so far we have only seen her say about 4 lines.....  :facehoof: I just dont understand....  :o
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Chishio Kunrin

This is bordering on spoiler territory. Some people here may not even know that name because they're trying to avoid every single detail of season 5.

Keep in mind that details of episodes are spoilers until two days after the episode's release. Spoilers are to be placed in spoiler tags, which you can get by clicking the button that has the letters "Sp" in it, or by typing this
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and typing the spoilers between the two tags, so it'll look like this
Spoiler: show
Blah blah blah

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