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Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Sep 18, 18:18:53
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2018 Sep 18, 18:15:18
Just love this song from The Amazing World of Gumball lol
I've been getting back to Roblox and the Borderlands series with my friends lately
Introductions / Re: Hello! Glacia here!
2018 Sep 18, 18:11:05
Welcome to LoE! Hope to see you in-game ^-^
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2018 Sep 16, 12:02:41Why would they do that plz answer me

Your guess is as good as mines lol Why that person makes such random posts like that and rps with himself using the mane 6 emotes, idk
Introductions / Re: Tiny Pony
2018 Aug 28, 20:21:47
Welcome to LoE ^-^ Hope to see you in-game!
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 18, 10:06:36I'm sorry, but I can't follow your latest post..... They already did what you suggested there. They introduced a level cap already, it's 20 now. That's why you have such a hard time levelling up higher than that: You are not supposed to yet.
Just like Vanilla WoW let you go up to Level 30 (I think), Vanilla LoE lets you now get up to Level 20.
Further updates will increase that level cap then, just like WoW increased its level cap with new expansions. They're doing exactly what you said:

It's fairly easy to see what they are going for here. I'm having a hard time seeing what your issue with the exp. system is..... :s Just give them time.

No, they haven't, they did something else entirely as Puppy pointed out. The meaning of "level cap" is the maximum level a player can attain on a character. If the level cap was truly at 20, it shouldn't be possible to level up past 20 but LoE still has the level cap at 50 for no apparent reason. The whole "you're not supposed to yet" argument you keep trying to explain really doesn't work in this context you know; after all if I'm not supposed to get to level 50, LoE shouldn't let me get to 50. If LoE truly wanted to stop players from leveling past the content they've created, they would make the maximum level be whatever they think their content would go up to right now, with this case being at level "20 or so" or at 30 where the moonlight/sunlight armors are at, instead of keeping it at 50.

As for WoW, I haven't played WoW much either, but I imagine that the updates that increase level cap were meant for those at the max level prior to their updates.  This is something that would seem like a much better system than what LoE currently has.

Scoots, when we last talked in-game about the airshow event for the Equestria Games and how you wouldn't be able to level all your skills despite me mentioning that it only takes a day or so to level them to max, you said you wanted to take the game at your own pace instead, which is totally fine and your playstyle, but there are others like me and Puppy who want to be able to get to max level with reasonable means, not just their characters but all of their talents as well since it can give a sense of accomplishment, who love the combat in the game, but got ruined by nerfing every little thing about it that made it fun. So if anything, I think you have to understand that there are also others who experience or play LoE in a totally different way from you.

As active as I am on the forums, there is a reason why I don't normally participate in community events, like the weekly hide and seek, weddings, or just any other silly events and it's because combat and grinding was a core aspect that made LoE fun for me, and with the new exp system, it just ruined a few of the only reasons I play LoE. I'm not entirely sure just how often you do combat in LoE, considering you were a somewhat low level when I saw you in-game last and you mentioned your skills were not leveled either, but making huge changes in one of the core features of LoE to have a somewhat unreasonable nerf and re-balance in the exp system while still keeping max level at 50 really hurts.

When fighting enemies, you would expect to get more exp if your level was low and the enemy's level gets higher and the monsters get tougher right? Well with the new balance, for everything that isn't a dragon, no matter how much of a higher level they are from you or how much tougher they are than you, they will give the same exp, this is what appalls me in this update. You decide to risk your life to fight something a much higher level than you, something that almost killed you even, and what do you get? The same mediocre exp as something that is barely above your level and can't even out-damage your health regen. It's frustrating that you can take a risk but that risk barely gets you any satisfying reward from it.
Quote from: ronante1 on 2018 Aug 17, 17:57:21when is the the update coming out????????? X3  :nod:

It already came out, you just have to download the new version on their download page or update it via the launcher.
Quote from: SapphireCookie on 2018 Aug 16, 19:28:45If anyone from the team needs help with this in case this goes forward, I can help, either with donations or tips on forum aesthetics.

Btw, they won't accept donations from people. (It's under "What can I do to help with this project?")

Quote from: SapphireCookie on 2018 Aug 16, 19:28:45I'm also going to take the chance and say that the reward system included on that forum for the number of posts are really good too. In case anyone is wondering what's that it is those mini-images below the avatars from the pictures above. It not only increases people to become more active on the forum, it makes people happy to actually earn something for being active on the community, and it looks good for everybody (plus, it's kinda nice to show off your reward of 2k+ posts).

I would support this. Totally not because I'm one of the more active users on the forums.
Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 16, 18:50:41What you describe here is only one way to do it.

Yes, and I only mention it because this was how leveling worked before this update and during the times when open weekend events were still a thing. I can still think of other ways that LoE could've done the xp thing better, as I will explain another way below using a game you refer to in your post.

Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 16, 18:50:41It's like with WoW, where every new update or add-on brings new areas to explore, new monsters to defeat and a new maximum level to reach.

There is one thing I want to emphasize about this statement; the level cap rising after each update/expansion. This is something that LoE could've easily done, but didn't.

If you want to use WoW and any similar MMOs as an example of things gone right, then wouldn't it have been a better idea if LoE introduces a level cap at level 30 while keeping the current xp curve, since the moonlight/sunlight armor is essentially end-game armor, reduce all the monsters in the evershade to levels to 20-30(only bringing this up again to make a point) and then increase the level cap as more areas/enemies get implemented? It would better reflect the idea that the game only intends to "guide the player through the first 20 or so levels" as mentioned in the post announcing all this stuff and with the cap at lvl 30, they can slowly increase that cap back to level 50 as more areas/monsters get implemented.

Heck, you could even argue that LoE didn't even need a whole new xp curve and should've waited till they could implement a new area, and then increased the level cap when they were ready to release it, but currently it seems that LoE is still stuck on the idea that lvl 50 should be the max level for players since they released a whole new xp curve and reworked how xp gain worked for dedicated players to get back there, and then changed the requirement for the current end-game armor to lvl 30. And yes I know there are monsters/NPCs that are higher level than 50, but in my experience in MMOs, it's not uncommon to see certain monsters have higher levels than what a player can reach.

Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 16, 18:50:41You should start seeing the good sides of this system and appreciate it. It's going to pay off a lot in the future.

Which is what exactly? Unfortunately, the more we compare LoE to other MMOs, the more flaws I see in the system that it implemented and how the MMOs we compare it to are doing it much better.

In short, the ways you mentioned WoW doing for updates is a better method than whatever LoE is trying to do, since:

1. They really could've just increased the level cap once more content was available and left the original system alone, saving time and effort wasted on re-balancing everything.

2. Or they could keep the new xp curve and balance and introduced a lower level cap, then slowly increase that cap back to 50 as more content gets implemented.

From what I see as we compare LoE with more and more MMOs, I think the dev team should take notes of how other MMO handles their updates. I mean, was it really necessary to have the LoE team spend a lot of time and effort to rework an entire system, when much simpler and more effective options were available?

Spoiler: show
This is just a side note, but now that I think about it, it does kind of baffles me that LoE is only now addressing the xp stuff, like in the past open weekends in past years, there have been players, like me, who were able to reach max level within those 2-3 day time period and it's only now that fix it since it's technically been a known issue for a few years already if they still kept the same xp system as the open weekend events.
Uploading images, instead of URL would be nice, but I'm not sure if LoE could really do it. Don't quote me on this, but I imagine they would need to invest more money and/or resources to hold the possibly thousands of avatars people would upload and doing it by URL would definitely save money and resources since you're using an external site to host all these images.

As for the avatar size change, I'm not sure if I would really support it since a square avatar size is the one of the most common shape on forums and generally the internet, with other being a circle(or at least as far as I can tell), and if it were to change to a rectangular shape you suggested, it would definitely make your avatar look good, but for others who use square images like me as a universal avatar or just in general, it would probably just look awkward if the forum stretched an image out or probably at best, just look inconsistent if everyone had different sizes for avatars.

And just out of curiosity, is there like another forum or website that uses a rectangular avatar that you could link to? I have genuinely never seen another forum/website that uses this format
Quote from: Fluttershy Cloud on 2018 Aug 16, 12:56:16However, you might see that they are not giving as much because that's probably your level is too low compared to the enemy.

This is probably the main gripe I have with the new system. It kinda removes the idea of x risk x reward (with the exception of dragons) since it feels like it's not rewarding to go after a monster that is a much higher level than you, and that you seem to hit a wall of how much xp you can get fighting anything that isn't a dragon.

Quote from: Fluttershy Cloud on 2018 Aug 16, 12:56:16But other than that, the revamped xp curve is kind of ridiculous, it is 15 times more than before. Only the most determined and dedicated player will reach lvl50, or wait a few years later when the developers implement other ways to earn more xp outside of combat.

Honestly I wouldn't mind the new xp curve they gave if they kept the old xp system where the monsters each had their own individual xp values they gave, instead of this "you gotta be a certain level" to get certain amounts of xp of the same monster as you said, the xp of the dragon scales with your level, which I find kinda silly that you get more xp as your level gets closer to the dragon.

Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 16, 13:39:15From my own little experience with MMORPGs prior to LoE, I know that MMOs have areas in which you can only get up to a certain level, before you have to move on to a different area with stronger monsters in order to level even higher. Which is basically the norm for RPGs anyway, different areas = stronger monsters.
That's very much the norm for RPGs and like this for decades.
Now, with LoE, it is like this that the current regions that are available in the game are only designed to bring you to Level 20 (+ a few more levels, perhaps).
The regions that are designed to bring you to even higher levels, are not implemented yet.

Right, but from my own experience in MMOs, past and current, some of them do have large open areas where enemy levels range from lvl 1 to level 30, 40, 50 or whatever high it wants to be, where each set of monsters would get their own little corner/area, a very similar idea to what the Evershade originally was and the "different areas = stronger monsters" concept you stated, where you could find varying levels of monsters in their own specific area, like the lvl 18 living bushes that has it's own area near the opening of Evershade, or the single lvl 45 Niad that has an entire riverside to itself, or the dragon nest of high level dragons, or the two different areas where the lvl 48 and lvl 50 pegasi golems live, but with the changes of xp, it seems like a massive oversight to have monsters have much higher levels than you but seem to give barely any xp. New areas really don't need to be implemented to get higher xp, it would be nice, but not necessary. The Everfree forest depicted in the show, shows the forest as some highly secretive and dangerous place for ponies to be in, and before the update, it held true as the high level of enemies made them seem like a threat and seem like they all had their own territory/area in the Evershade, but with the new update, the concept of high level = high threat kinda got thrown out the window, except for dragons.

Quote from: CMC Scootaloo on 2018 Aug 16, 13:39:15The only thing that sounds a little odd to me is that there are still monsters in Everfree that have Level 50, a much higher level than you can reasonably have right now.

Well considering the moonlight/sunlight armor requirement got changed to lvl 30, it seems like a massive oversight that the monster's levels were not adjusted to reflect their threat. After all, you would expect that a lvl 50 Lantern or a lvl 48 Pegasi Golem to overpower someone wearing lvl 30 armor, but a majority of monsters in the Evershade become pushovers if you wear the moonlight/sunlight armor, making monster levels above 30 almost pointless, with the exception of dragons of course. 
Introductions / Re: Hi everyone!
2018 Aug 16, 16:52:15
Welcome to the forums ^-^ Hope to see you in-game later!
When I heard that LoE was going to revamp the xp system and introduce more skills/talents to grind on, I was hyped to get back to playing LoE again and so I headed out to the Evershade, later to be joined with a friend, to grind out my level and talents again. I've fought numerous monsters of varying types and levels in the Evershade with my friend, and after seeing just how much xp I was given after each kill, I don't think I want to even touch LoE's new xp system with a long stick. I know there is a post announcing the "fixes" of the xp system, but from what I've seen, this really doesn't seem so much of a fix but just a way to hinder players from grinding their original levels again.

Like I get re-scaling the xp curve for player levels, I'm totally fine with that, but keeping the feature that awards xp based on the skills that you use instead of by kill and then nerfing the xp given by monsters, on top of a new giant xp wall, really just kills the game for me.

For those who are confused about what I'm talking about; before this update, each monster had their own base xp you could get by attacking them. For example, the level 50 pegasi golems used to have a base xp of around 1000 xp, and then it would change/scale to how often you use a certain type of attack, so if you used more Partying skills than Combat, the xp would get divided between both types of attacks and then get scaled in proportion to how much you used Partying and Combat skills. But there is an apparent flaw in the combat system (or at least I consider it a flaw) where if you happen to kill multiple enemies at the same time, you would only get xp as if you killed one.

However with the "fixes", came the nerfing of xp given by the monsters I fought. I've fought the level 24 timberwolves, the level 28 hornets, the level 32 and 50 lantern, the level 35 and 45 Niad, and the level 48 and 50 Pegasi Golems, so I really tried my best to fight a variety of monsters available in the Evershade, just to see that they all generally gave the same xp. I know I haven't fought all the monsters that were in the Evershade, but when a level 50 monster gives the same xp as a level 24 monster, there's not much hope to see if there is any difference of xp for the monsters I missed. I also know that the dragons give roughly double the amount xp of the other monsters (according to a friend who went dragon hunting with others), but that still seems kind of a disappointment when one of the toughest monster in-game only gives you double the xp of a level 23 Timberwolf.

I've tried to like the new xp system, but all I see, at the end of the day, is an update that highly discourages any sort of leveling through combat, especially solo play.......and this really just kills me on the inside that a game I used to like and grind on came up with a new system that looks like it was only designed to stop players from leveling too fast in every way they can think of. After the OAR, as I was trying to level up in the forest, I used to like figuring out which monster I would grind next for its xp and seeing the progression of my character being able to defeat these monsters who were once too tough because of the level difference and seeing how much xp the next stronger monster gave........but this update really ruined it for me.

Spoiler: show
It also probably doesn't help that I'm super salty that I somehow got screwed when the update came. Instead of being level 23 when I logged in, I ended up being level 18 and when I mentioned it on the LoE Discord server, I was mostly brushed off by everyone on the topic. This screenshot was taken after the level up message said I leveled up to 19.

My story is a really short one: I was browsing through Netflix, and say MLP FIM among their selection. I was bored and curious so I decided to watch a couple episodes, then that turned to watching every episode that they had lol Granted this was when MLP FIM was still fairly new, I believe only about a year after it released so Netflix only had one season on it, but yeah that's the story of how I became a brony for a bit :P
Introductions / Re: Hello!
2018 Aug 16, 03:07:01
Welcome to LoE ^-^
Introductions / Re: Greetings!
2018 Aug 16, 03:06:26
Welcome to LoE ^-^
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2018 Aug 16, 03:05:04