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Started by Rush of MLP, 2014 Jun 10, 15:06:08

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"well regardless it is pretty hot out here"


Aeterna Sol

Just moments earlier, Blazing Sun was hanging out in her house in Ponyville. She ended up going outside, and to her surprise, she saw a pony with a strange device. She wanted to know what it is, so she went over to find out. Man it's hot... Blazing thought. Then, when she got within speaking range... "Um, Excuse me, but what's that?" She asked. "And why is it so hot?"


maplewood stepped off the train shouldering his  bag and started towards the nearest hotel he could see."so this is ponyville,well i guess i shouldn't be so surprised.   


After sighing in to a hotel he began to have a look around.


Harmiona is eating some cherries at a field in Equestria near a river with her turtle Grumpy. At the moment they're having fun

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