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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Oct 09, 22:38:00
Getting cut in front of me during drift tandems with friends -_- (Almost always happens to me in video games but very rarely happens to me in real life)
This anime trumps EVERYTHING here Just kidding :p but really this anime needs no introduction

Samurai Champloo!
The pony above me is secretly a leaf
The pony above me dyes her hair  :]
The Retirement Home / Re: Colts vs Fillies
2013 Jun 30, 14:04:10
I know just saying  0:)
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 30, 13:11:19
Trying to eat those new oatmeal pop tarts with all those oats all over the place. Trying to eat that without dropping some on the floor is like trying to parralel park while being blindfolded
The Retirement Home / Re: Colts vs Fillies
2013 Jun 30, 13:05:35
26  ovO Come on mares you're losing it
The Retirement Home / Re: Count to 1000!
2013 Jun 30, 13:03:03
The Retirement Home / Re: true or false?
2013 Jun 30, 13:02:02
This truth couldn't be more truthful

The pony below me likes mangos
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 29, 14:44:33
When I get up too fast then go blind for like 9 days and run into everything  DD: I mean everything! From the tv to the wall to the washer machine '>>
After hearing how everyone complained about it at first and then said they loved it after its release I'm quite interested in seeing it. Ill catch it on youtube later tonight most likely :D
Jazzy B
If we are really doing this ill take on everybody in this thread! I do this all the time IRL this is just some warm up stuff lol
Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy goofing around with all the ponies around  :D
sweet  :D and thanks bro
News Archive / Re: The Road to Alpha!
2012 Aug 20, 16:21:51
Quote from: The Wandering Magus on 2012 Aug 13, 17:04:03
Quote from: SweBow on 2012 Aug 13, 13:21:21
Yes, we're working on some way to try to get real DJing implemented. But I will keep everything as a tiny maybe until we got it working and if it's possible to get working.
yay for real DJing! :D

Quote from: Nala Valor on 2012 Aug 06, 22:05:54
Hey, general question to all the members, what are all your styles?
((I'll be doings Accapelas))

well I specialize in nu jazz which is hip hop and jazz mixed but I try everything
Nice for me though anything by Nujabes and the like is insanely relaxing
Quote from: Xodakat on 2012 Aug 06, 07:30:10
come on i have an idea i will practice for myself and will nothing publish but im still in NoBo ok ? may i be the YT site manager ?

Ok sure but at least publish one song?