What's Your Desktop Background?

Started by HerpyDooves, 2012 Jul 03, 20:20:53

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I changed my background. Here's my new one ;

Night Striker

I use Wallpaper Engine for my animated background so I ended up picking this wallpaper cause Princess Luna is best Princess :P


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My most recent wallpaper. (Operating System: Linux [Ubuntu 17.04])

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I have a whole bunch of pictures that change every hour for my desktop, and most of them are drawings I've drawn XD


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Spoiler: 1366 x 768 • show
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Yeah, it's boring, but I like it.

Princess Darcy

Icy Shield

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Can't post a screenshot because it might not follow forum rules, but it's the final pose of Ryuji's All-out Attack from Persona 5.
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I have nmine set to cyclle through a bunch of pics. Mostly my furry pics. some pony stuff but all of it is pics of my charicters mostly. some other syiuff thrown in. atm I have only 168 pics that cycle on both monitors. So that's the best I can give hehe.

Need more


I cycle through backgrounds myself.  On my laptop I just changed to a 230 wallpaper pack I got HERE.  Before that point I was using a Background Ponies wallpaper pack with 50 wallpapers in it, I think.

Quote from: Icy Shield on 2017 Sep 10, 22:17:27A new kinda sad background  :c
Found a higher resolution version of it HERE.  Shame the original source (Deviantart) seems dead.


Every story has an ending, none of which composed by the main character.
Never allow one to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option.


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Ehh, my Background was here, but it's broken again and just vanished for some reason  >:O Dunno how to fix that, sorry everypony... On the one half it had Luna and on the other one Celestia.


I saw it via F12, the link is from one of this terrible wallpaper sites that steal images and refuse to allow direct image links and instead make you select for a direct download via a bunch of links of different sizes instead of just giving you the largest size and letting Windows or whatever OS you use to scale it.

Anyway, I changed my previous wallpaper a lil bit.
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Made it using this image: https://wingedwolf94.deviantart.com/art/Gamepaw-499662181
and photoshop cause tis a thing.

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