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I am a graphic designer, video game design instructor, English teacher, and caretaker of horses. My interest in the land of bronies began when I started seeing lots and lots of ponies on deviantArt. I watched several episodes and started to create my own vectored ponies and other critters. Having built up a small catalog of characters, I searched for a place to apply my artistic abilities further. What I found was a pony MMO game in development. I became the 2D Graphics Department Leader sometime back in the fall of 2011 and have been a brutal tyrant in my little kingdom ever since.


"Well Traveled" (aka Travis) and I won some colorful ribbons yesterday.

Night Pony

Aren't in real life photos, against the forum rules?  o.O

Also congratulations. :)

I want to thank all of the artist that have drawn my OCs.
Night Shine and Moon Violet

White Shimmer

Yes they are. But there's a pony/horse on the picture :)

Congratulations from me too! ^-^


Thanks!  X3

Quote from: Night Pony on 2013 Nov 17, 11:00:10
Aren't in real life photos, against the forum rules?  o.O

Interesting.  I've got a solution.  Tomorrow I'll merge this with my team bio post which will move it out of this forum section.  Yes that's probably the best way to use my unicorn admin powers.  :P


Sir there apears to be a human on your back

wait never mind but in all seriousness congrats

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