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Started by Autumn Creation, 2014 Jan 20, 00:27:55

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Autumn Creation

Howdy everypony, this is Butterfly Kisses ^_^ I had to make a new account because I'm having a bit of trouble accessing my original account. I have forgotten my password although I swear I had it right. Anyway, I tried requesting a password reset over five hours ago and have not received anything at all, I'm wondering if anypony else has had the same problem and if they had got it fixed.

Bravo 658

That's odd, no site ever took more than five minutes to reply to such a query from me... I haven't tried it with Legends of Equestria before, though.

Good to see you again, by the way!  Hope you can get your account back!

Autumn Creation

I sure hope so, if not though at least I can work with this one and have my Ponysona to work with instead of my oc. I tried checking my security settings in my email that I used for BK, heh I even sent a test email from another account and it worked just fine. *scratches head* this is the first time it's happened with any site, I hope it's only a bug or something.

Bravo 658

Yeah, I checked the members list... your old account's still here... eh, I can't do anything for ya... just sit tight and wait for an admin, I'm sure they're working the problem now. x3


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The only thing I can suggest is checking your spam folder just in case, sometimes those kinds of emails are filtered through

I just tried the forget password myself, got my email within a minute...not sure what to tell you...if you're putting in your username instead of your email for the recovery i'd try using your email


We might have reached the 100 emails a day limit, or if your email provider is att.net, hotmail.com, or comcast.net, you might have emails from Legends of Equestria blocked.

Please try again. If for a second time it does not work, please PM me directly and I can help manually reset your password. ^-^

Autumn Creation

Thank you for the suggestions guys. My email seems to be in working order, least with the test I conducted.

I will try again AnyaSmash and I'll let you what happens.

Again thank you so much guys ^_^

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