Legends of Equestria is now recruiting and REMINDERS!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Jan 24, 07:00:00

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Hello everyone!

I would like to remind you all that we are opening the servers in 5 days, on the first minute of the 24th, EST!
THE GAME WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON THE 23rd, BUT THE SERVERS WILL NOT BE OPEN UNTIL THE 24th AT 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. This is so you can start playing the minute the servers open and everyone can have enough time to download the game.

PLEASE REMEMBER that you must be registered on our forums in order to access the game once the servers open. It is more likely that you will have a secure spot in the game if you register before the 24th. You register at: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?action=register

Also, Legends of Equestria is now recruiting!

If you're interested in game development, passionate about ponies, or simply need a hobby which will put your talents to use, please feel free to send us an email! We are currently accepting applications for the following departments: Concept Artists, 3D Modelers/Animators, Texture Artists, Public Relations, Server Managers, Programmers, and Web Designers. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

Here are some guidelines for applying:

Applicants must be comfortable drawing building exteriors, interiors, environmental art, and creatures in the style of the show. In order to apply for a concept artist position, please email [email protected]. Your email should consist of a link to your online portfolio, your Skype username, your primary email address, the amount of time you're able to devote to Legends of Equestria, and your reason for wanting to join the project. Please note that your portfolio should include something other than My Little Pony fan art.

To apply for the 3D team, please email [email protected] with links to examples of your skills. Any additional unrelated, high quality designs you have done helps too. Applicants must have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and be willing to learn, design critically, and give and take critique. It is preferred that applicants have a specialty in organic modeling, 3D animation and rigging, terraforming, or any combination thereof. Please include how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a list of programs that you use.

Applicants must be able to produce textures and graphics in the style of the show, have experience working with color, an adequate amount of time they are willing to devote to Legends of Equestria, and a willingness to follow directions from their team leaders. Experience in unwrapping and texturing models is favorable, but not required. In order to apply for a texture artist position, please email [email protected] and [email protected] with examples of your work, and a description of your skills/experience in digital art. Examples of environmental and architectural work are preferable. Please also list the programs you use within the email, as well as the reason you are interested in joining Legends of Equestria.

Applicants must have excellent writing and social media skills. Knowledge of journalism, social media analytics, and public speaking optimal, but not required. In order to apply for a public relations position, please email [email protected] with a short writing sample explaining your qualifications and drive.

To apply for the design team, please email [email protected] with examples of design materials, as well as how much time you are able to devote to the project. Examples should include design documents which focus on gameplay mechanics, systems, and the equations and numbers which make those systems tick. Potential design team members should be able to contribute to discussions about a wide range of complex design topics related to a MMORPG, as well as independently write or sketch complex design documents which focus on attribute balance and gameplay integration. Please note that extensive fan fiction or creative writing work does not consist of the type of materials that I am looking for.

Map/ level designers should have drawn work (hand or digital) of macro or micro scale level designs which factor in standard gaming conventions such as pathing, points of interest, mob spawns, elevation, framing, terrain features, quest potential, etc. Previous experience in a 3D engine (Unity, Unreal) is highly sought after. Map/level designers should expect to be trained in Unity to allow the implementation and editing of their designs. Please email [email protected] with examples of your work.

Server managers will be responsible for the administration and support of Linux based systems. You must provide Linux server support and will be expected to contribute to the documentation and maintenance of the Legends of Equestria game servers. Also, you must be willing to document procedures when setting up new servers. Work with the programming team. Experience with Bash scripting required. Please email [email protected] with a list of your qualifications and your Skype username.

Potential programmers should be proficient in C# and the use of code to design working mechanics applicable to a 3D MMO environment. Experience and integration in Unity 3D is extremely helpful. To apply please send relevant examples of creative code design and a list of software you use/know to [email protected].

Web Designers/Developers will be responsible for the look and feel of the Legends of Equestria website and forums. Applicants should have a proficient understanding of design, usability and ease of navigation, as well as website maintenance and content management. The ability to code using HTML, CSS, and PHP is also required. Experience with JavaScript and AJAX is a plus. Please email [email protected] with your Skype username, a brief list of your knowledge in web design and development, and how much time you'd be willing to dedicate to the project.

Thank you for reading, and can't wait to see you at the open server!


I was hoping you would release the link early, so that we wouldn't have a 100% mad rush!


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Excellent. I have been looking forward to trying this.
Does this mean it's out for good, no more downtime? :)
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Quote from: Akimoto873 on 2014 Jan 19, 16:06:03
Excellent. I have been looking forward to trying this.
Does this mean it's out for good, no more downtime? :)

The game will be only playable from Jan 24-26th, after that the game will be closed back up and work will continue
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I cant really do any of these things.......I guess i'll try for the moderators again if/when they recruit again

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 What luck that on the day that I come back to this site after being gone for a while, I see this on the home page.
I am ready to be excited! :3


THANK YOU for releasing the download a day early! This should go so much more smoothly.

I still won't be able to join the minute the servers open though, because school and stuff =_= ah well. I'll play when I get back home :D

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I thought I'd try for concept artist again but even though my art has gotten better it's still really, really lacking, especially in the building areas so I'm gonna pass this time 'round I'm afraid.

I'll definitely be floating around on the open server weekend again though.
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Too bad I am not really in a state to help you guys right now (I can just do just simple blender models and textures in gimp) Now that i have finally gotten serious about game Dev though, I should have a better skill set next time you do this.

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I'm so excited!  :D
Did you update the servers so that when too many ponies try to log on at the same time no one would have to keep trying to log in? That was REALLY annoying last time.  :s I spent half of my stress test time trying to log in. I loved the game, though  <3


I await more dance lines...

...in four days.

Wise decision to set up download early this time.
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http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=2470.0">Read the forum rules.. Public relations and server management are right up my alley. Sadly, I'm not in a position to apply at the moment. Makes me sad. D: :c >A< ono

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Quote from: lily7603 on 2014 Jan 20, 19:03:28
I'm so excited!  :D
Did you update the servers so that when too many ponies try to log on at the same time no one would have to keep trying to log in? That was REALLY annoying last time.  :s I spent half of my stress test time trying to log in. I loved the game, though  <3

We have done a lot of work on the servers and they should run WAY better now!   ^-^


Can't wait for this to go live! Loved the last open server weekend, I'm sure this one will be just as--if not more-- awesome.


I can't wait for the Open-Servers, I'm going to download right at the start, then play when I get home!  Also, it's a good thing I'm not trying to get hired, takes me about 3 weeks to do a 20 second animation of my OC for Youtube lol.  But I can't wait to see who they do hire.  Keep up the good work, and cya next time!
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