Sapphire's Official Story!

Started by SaipphireConstella, 2014 Jan 17, 01:57:29

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2014 Jan 17, 01:57:29 Last Edit: 2014 May 15, 00:27:50 by SaipphireConstella
 Can anypony say, OVERHAUL? Yes! That's right! I'm doing a complete re-vamp of my original character. For the longest time, I've felt this sense of... unsatisfactory? I just couldn't get into her story enough to write much about it. But I have found the solution! Are you ready for it?

Saph is a dragon!

Spoiler: show

Yes! A boni-fied scaley, fire-breathing dragon! And I couldn't be more excited! I've always loved dragons, in stories movies or in my MASSIVE collection of figures, stuffies, posters and furniture. They'll all over my brain, why I didn't think of it before, I have no idea. But I do know I can thank Minecraft for this realization! Mine Little Pony to be exact.

SO! Since my redesign of Sapphire (no longer going to come up with an excuse for my poor spelling) is of the reptillian form that I am much more familiar with, I'll be doing all of the art myself. Illustrator is downloading as I type! (it's literally the only program I know how to use....photoshop can wait)

I'll also need to make some major changes to her story. *Is beyond excited*  *-*
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