Your New Year's Resolution

Started by Little Star, 2013 Dec 30, 14:33:09

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Little Star

I just wanted to see what all the other ponies are doing as their new year's thingy!

I want to be more active and be nicer to people <33

Midnight Breeze


Oh, wait, wrong resolution....


I want to draw better and faster so I can finish all these requests
My new Year's resolution is to finish Assassin's Creed 2 100% - find every feather, every treasure, buy every sword and climb every viewpoint. And I will finish Skyrim on Master. I got my Enchanting to 100 but I still have to enchant my armor... wait why am I writing this no-one cares what game I'll play

Little Star


Be more active on the forum. (very doable thanks to new mobile)
Art more and actually finish my requests.
Animate more. I've got tons of SFM ideas that are way overdue for me to start on. Plus one or two Flash ideas and one that's a little bit of both.
Skype call speakeys (again, new phone = help)
More guitarin.
Getting back into actively auditioning for voice acting stuffs online if things at home become more stable.
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I hope to stop failing at the financial side of my resolution is to finally discover what's causing my ....little shrink issue...

Midnight Breeze

Randam Saiko

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...little shrink issue...


Oops, I guess the official term is "shrinkage"

Where I work it's still called shrink.  There's even a painting of a slogan on a wall leading to a pot of gold.

For me it's probably to try to be slightly healthier than I was this year.

Itty Bit

I've said it a lot throughout the year, but as the year ended I started to get progressively better at being happy with myself. I want to try to just keep that up, and be more optimistic about everyone and everything.


New year's Resolution hmm well then

I want to improve my shows quality, production and viewership and become a somewhat respectable reviewer

And Also I will go to America for Bronycon Next year


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