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Started by GummyCream, 2013 Dec 08, 15:07:43

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Hello everyone!
I am Gummy Cream (tututuu~). I've been watching MLP since I fell in love with the Heart and Hooves day song!   0:)

It's the first time I'm trying to interract with other bronies so I may be a little shy. Also, I'm not English so I may sometimes shut my mouth because I dunno what to say.

ABOUT THE SHOW, my favorite ponies are Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Luna & Celestia + the Apple family + Shining Armor + lot of others. I like all of the episodes, especially those about Rainbow Dash (even though she's not my favorite xD), aaand, that's all.  :D (those ponies faces are so cute)

Other than that, I draw a lot (non-pony things) but I love how they look (especially the princesses) so I'll be trying to draw some things for you.  <3
Feel free to ask me anything, I like meeting new people,  don't feel like you're bothering me.  ^-^


Hi my new friend and welcome to the Legends of Equestria forum! I wish you to have the best stay here and make lots of friends! And most important HAVE FUUUN!! :D
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Greetings and welcome to the forums and to LoE. Please check out the rules explore and have fun. There's lots to see and do and all the time in equestria to see it, there's Arts, Videos, Stories, Singers RP'ers and more so join us you in the madness my friend  ^-^

Proudy Hooves

Hello and Welcome to LoE Community! Enjoy your stay here and pick your way there: to be a classy artist or promising fanfic-writer or wise role-player or talkative and cheerful like Pinkie Pie and many other ways to be!
And if you want to play LoE then you have to wait patiently until the next Stress-Test! Now you can just look at forums and do everything you wish! But don't forget to read the rules anyways! ;)
Good Luck, mate!
Your friendly casual-ish russian-speakin' brony.
Russian LoE Veteran, being around since summer-2013!
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bonjour ma dame. ;)

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