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Started by alphaslime, 2013 Nov 22, 09:41:17

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2013 Nov 22, 09:41:17 Last Edit: 2013 Nov 23, 00:52:18 by alphaslime
I have been some modeling on and off for the past little while (mostly off though,) and thought I should post some of the stuff here. Comments and tips are always appreciated.

Spoiler: First Pony Model • show

Spoiler: Attempt to create the main character of MegamareX • show

Spoiler: Second attempt at character, done without a reference out of boredom one day. • show

Spoiler: First attempt at making a low-poly game asset • show

The above model was my first attempt at texturing. I haven't gotten around to fixing it up yet, so ignore the random color leaks for now.

Spoiler: Penguin I made for lyra • show

Its not very good, but it was the best I could do. I might try to make this again later.

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Update: First Penguin attempt.

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