The first ever Crystal Crown Singing Contest

Started by Princess Darcy, 2013 Oct 14, 11:11:32

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Just sent my audition to Ryo! It's in my SoundCloud if anyone wants to listen to it. ^-^

Princess Darcy

Guize...we have only 3 entries at this point and the deadline is in 3 days, we needz moar  :P

Little Star

Equestria Daily it?

I'm recording this weekend ;D


We wanted this to be more forum orientented however at this stage to get it on EQD could take up to a week to publish by which point the First round entrys would have ended


You totally should have told me and I could have gotten it up for ya :P XD

Princess Darcy

Yeah we initially didnt want to put it on EQD because we wanted to keep it situated around the forums.  We figured there would be enough interest around here to field a competition without heading too far outside the forums...


Well I just sent an entry in. Good luck everybody!


Tomorrow is the last day everyone, make sure to finish up and send your entries in before it's too late~! c:
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Last day! Get your entries in everyone! I'm really excited about this, let's have a fun competition! ;)


Your Reaching the final hours to enter you have untill I wake up and check my mail to get in so give it a shot and have fun remember its all for fun  ^-^

Princess Darcy

Due to a lack of entries we have decided to extend the deadline for Round 1 by one week
Round 1 Deadline is now November 4th by 11:59pm EST
Thank you


Aw! Come on guys! I really want this to happen! Get those recordings in everyone! >A<

Princess Darcy

It will happen regardless, but it would be more fun for everyone with more participation  :D


Come on guys my inbox is feeling empty so come on every pony sing sing sing

Princess Darcy

Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2013 Nov 01, 11:20:43
come on every pony sing sing sing

Fill my inbox up with awesome, awesome
Come on everypony sing sing sing
For the chance to win some stttuuuuuuuuffffff!

I couldn't resist  X3


Might actually be able to get one in. X3

Finally got my voice back, and may have some time to record (finally... T.T)
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The Wandering Magus

welp, emailed a little something to [email protected].  we'll see how things go.
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Just one final shout out If you want to enter you do have time still remember the deadline is somewhat flexiable untill I get to my emails tommorow so technicly you have right untill 10pm GMT if you really want to join and for this round I will be more than happy to stall out for that long

So if you want to join us please do so dont worry about being hesitant or worried remember its all for fun its all within the forums and we would really love for you to join us

Remember quality doesnt neciceraly matter nor does mixing as long as your having fun while doing it thats all that matters


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