How did you become a brony?

Started by Aphex93, 2012 Apr 06, 15:47:37

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Heebie Jeebies

I was like 15. Already liked G1. Saw new!ponies everywhere. Lots of pretty horsie art. Wanted to know the context. Watched the first two seasons. Decided the show was decent.
I don't consider myself a brony anymore since I'm not really involved with the fandom and my interest for the show isn't consistent, but when I was a brony I was majorly into it. Now I just watch the horse show when I work out LOL
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I learned about the "MLP" in 2012. I was interested when I saw the topic discussed on the Internet once again. I was advised to watch. The animated series I liked, but soon stopped. A year and a half passed and I started to look again, but already in the original voice acting (english + subtitles). Thus in 2014 it's a new period, when I was very fascinated by the ponies and it was already final. But I don't considered myself a brony. Only at the end of 2015 i have finally recognized ourselves as brony. In 2016-2017 i played on the Russian server, until the release of "LoE". ;)

Master Masher

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it was a few months ago September to be exact.i was looking for something to watch then stumbled on the show. i thought i would give it a shot. i could not get out of my seat until the episode was over.
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Honey Bell

Well welcome then..

For me it's easy.

21st of October 2010, was one of those trolls that laughed at it on 4Chan, but then it grew on me. Never stopped sice ^-^
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I used to collect MLP toys when I was a kid (much to the teasing of, well, everyone...) so I knew of the franchise overall but never knew they'd made any shows based off it until Friendship is Magic got big and I didn't even hear about THAT show's existence until years after it aired (which considering I'm online 24/7 I don't know how I missed it for so long).

I had heard that adult guys were getting into it and that they were called Bronies and that it was supposed to be an amazing show but I didn't want to watch it because I knew I'd probably like it and be a 'freak' all over again (though to be fair I'm freaky enough with being an MLP fan).

At the start of 2017, however, curiosity gave out and I watched the first episode. And then I couldn't stop, and now it's practically my number one passion in life and I don't care who knows it XD I converted my best friend too so now we're both obsessed. So far I've watched the entire series 3 times from start to finish and will no doubt do it at least once more before Gen 5.

Of course it's bittersweet because I've joined the fandom right as it's about to end and make way for Generation 5 (which is shaping up to be... risky, at best) so I'm a little heartbroken that something I just found that means so much to me is about to die.
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I stumbled on MLP completely by accident. I think it was in September 2011, a few weeks before the German premiere of the series. I was browsing through random YTPMVs on youtube and came across a video called "Myskinsoft Pony Remover". I got curious so I decided to watch the first episode (in English of course), then the second, and after the third one I came to the conclusion that I found a new favorite show.

I still can't really describe it but there's something about it which other shows don't have that makes it very interesting for me. Maybe it's the message behind it or the relatable characters or the community. No other show was able to hold my interest for that long yet which still amazes me to this day.
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Onyx Quill

 For me, it was fan-made videos. They were a gateway drug... :D
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chrome thunder

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Long story.

 My seniority date is December 24, 1983. Yes, I've been into MLP since almost day 1 of G1. What happened was wan I was a kid, I was absolutely gonzo about horses,  and unicorns. Not sure how it happened,  but I imagine I saw a commercial for MLP and said I wanted one. And for that Christmas I got 2: Bubbles and Glory. By the end of the 80's I had 8 brushables, a Firefly plushie, and a couple other things. I remember renting a video of Rescue at Midnight Castle over and over in 1989-1990.

 Around 1993 interest started to fade rapidly, and was pretty much gone by the mid 90's. But there must have still been an ember burning inside because in 2005 I discovered G3, and bought one. Suddenly it started to come back, and I wound up getting more G3's. Then in late 2006 I finally got an internet ready computer and found Ebay. I was able to get the G1 brushables I wanted back then, but never did. And I discovered a MLP group on Yahoo where I discovered custom brushables, and decided I wanted to get in on it. My first was this one I made in 2007.. In 2008 I got into Ace Attorney and made almost 2 dozen based off of the characters.

 When G3.5 appeared I didn't go anywhere near it. :I  Then in 2010 Dish Network got Discovery Kids and I saw the new MLP show. Was hoping it was the G1 show, but it looked like 3.5 so I didn't really pay attention to it. Then I started seeing memes of it on the Newgrounds forums. I decided to take a look at it again. And this time it grabbed me and pulled me in.

 So here I am. It's safe to say I'm more into pony now than at anytime in the past. I'd have never thought when I was a kid I would one day be going to cons, cosplaying, making art and fanfics, and have hundreds of pony toys from all 5 generations (and get me to go to a movie theater for the first time).



Chocolate Munchies

I got caught up in the fandom first. I saw a bunch of pony YouTube parodies and song which peaked my interest, then heard about Fallout Equestria. Read through that and gave the show a shot since I wanted to know the backstory. Turned out to be a good decision.

Night Striker

My story is a really short one: I was browsing through Netflix, and say MLP FIM among their selection. I was bored and curious so I decided to watch a couple episodes, then that turned to watching every episode that they had lol Granted this was when MLP FIM was still fairly new, I believe only about a year after it released so Netflix only had one season on it, but yeah that's the story of how I became a brony for a bit :P

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Wow, so many cool stories...

As for me, back in 2011 I remember a lot of people talking about MLP on this rhythm game I was hooked called Osu!, so I said "Hey, let's give this a shot". I watched the entire season in one day. Been a brony since then.



   While I don't call myself a Brony, I became a MLP fan when a highschool friend introduced me to it. At first I was like "Ok, this is dumb." "Wait, why am I crying?" "RAINBOW DON'T DO IT!" and I found myself lost in the pastel and jewel tone world of ponies. I later went on to explore more into the fandom but really didn't like what I found..  >A<  I'm talking about back about... 5/6 years ago when there was a ton of toxicity about and whatnot. So I took to just enjoying the show alone. Though now my boyfriend and I are fans and even have cute plushes and bedsheets from the show.  :D 
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Azure Stain

Youtube recommended to me the animatic of the Moon Rises fan animation from Duo Cartoonist. Yeah, youtube is wierd, I watched only DC comics stuff before.... So, than i found the finished animation too. It was interesting and i tought that is was originally from the series untill i watched a few episodes from the first season. I realized that it was the series i used to hate when it first aired in my country (okay...i watched only 1 random episode and it was a big change back then because i loved the older generations so much...And the design was soo different). But i liked it at this time, so i countinued watching  :3


Couple years ago now, I was doing my usual look for something mindless to watch on TV while I wait for my brain to come online before work. It had been for a while "Worlds Dumbest" but I think I watched every one ever made twice..... looking for something new and being a long time animation fan I figured what the heck.
Though I consider myself more borny light..... A Twilight PEZ dispenser is the only merch I have (my fave by the way  X3 )  and cons aren't worth a trip of a thousand miles, nor can I recite from memory every line of every episode.


I started watching "Army Bronies React" to episodes of my little pony. Then I moved on to YouTube channels that reviewed episodes of my little pony, and that was before I started watching the episodes. I finally got into being a brony just before I married my husband, who is also a brony. I haven't given up on it since. There's even a Discord channel that I frequent pretty often, though only to get the leaked episodes. As much as I enjoy talking with bronies, there tends to be a pretty heavy focus on which character is being "shipped" with whom. For me, if it isn't canon, then it kind of makes conversations a bit difficult to have. So for the most part, I'll be randomly posting and then disappearing again for a short time.


there was nothing on tv wirth watch untill i came across mlp after the first episode aired iwas instintly hooked brony since 2010 :P


Hey my name doesnt show up anywhere on the forum pages so im posting just to see what my username is. lame.

Oreo the CookieAnimator

I actually became a brony because of my close friend. She told me about Rainbow dash and I didn't seem interested. Until she had to move to highschool, I decided to give it a try just for her. Found out I actually LIKED the show!! I think I found it out 2 years ago... Ah, never will I forget her getting me into the show  :D

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