How did you become a brony?

Started by Aphex93, 2012 Apr 06, 15:47:37

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 <3 <3 <3Nah I don't enjoy ponies that much but I do like them
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That one day in 2013 when a friend showed me... I don't remember it all but... I just couldn't help but keep watching more and more episodes.


Well, just walking around in High School, hear the discussion of, bronies and pegasisters and how that the school decided to treat them as Outcasts more or less.  Although, I return home one day to computer friends!  Because my computer friends seem to be a lot more understanding than people where I used to live!  My friend tries to talk to me about the show the same day I hear that and wants me to watch the first few episodes with me so he can share it with me, which.. I'm kind of nervous because I'm already 'The Quiet Person' or 'The Sleeper' in High School.  Although, after much thought, I gave one of those heavy internal sighs, and said yes.  After the first three episodes, it just sort of stuck to me like glue.  I was in the closet with it throughout High School, but once I got home, it was a magical journey of stress relief!  Although, I do need to catch up with it.  Work has been keeping me down as well as roommates looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing and I only have up to season 3 finished.

Buuuuut I do know one thing.  No regrets!  :D


A watched the first two episodes about 5 years ago. For some reason I was smiling. I've been involved since.
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Hilariously enough, I started fresh with Gen 1... It came on between Transformers G1 and 80's Voltron, two of my personal favorites among the classics, so naturally at that young age I figured I could just sit through MLP G1 no problem... Who knew it'd stay with me for so long?
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I'm one of the younger fans so back in the early days of MLP when I told people I watched it most people were like "Aw how nice! Do you like to play with the toys?" I was only about 9 and I'm also a female so people found it normal. How I became a fan of MLP was all the way back when the Hub was only half way through airing season 1. I came home one day from school to see my siblings watching something on our computer so I walked up to them and saw that they were watching MLP. At first they thought that I would think that it was weird but I was actually really excited that there was a new generation because I collected Gen3 ponies (although most of them were fake) and I like ponies so yeah. 5 years later and I'm still a fan and although I'm not as a hardcore fan as before I still watch the show and enjoy it all... mostly the fan stuff though. Love from the Princess of books. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^
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In a word, guilt. 

Back in high school one of my associates I played tabletop games with was big into the show (and, I have learned recently, was only pretending to be into the show for a girl he liked, talk about bad reasons), and while we were playing these games with others, and would usually fall asleep, even while involved in a critical role. Well, I took it on myself to try to fix this so the group, and me, would be able to have him actively contribute to the party and stay awake. So, I did some light research into the show and wasn't that impressed with the walls of text.

Next time he was falling asleep, I brought it up and made some light fun of it. It didn't work however, as he fell asleep anyway and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. Regretting wasting my, and everyone else's, time I let him and put the incident out of my mind.

After I had finished high school and college was drawing near, I was reflecting on what I had done during high school and that incident came to mind. I decided to pull up the show, might as well see what he found interesting, or, at least justify myself my previous behavior, and promised to myself to watch the entire first episode. Well, the first episode wasn't anything to write home about, though it did provide interesting lore. I moved onto the second half of the episode, and, while it was better now that the exposition was out of the way, still wasn't anything to go crazy over. At least until Her Majesty walked into the picture, and forgave Luna of her actions, without serious punishment. The part where Celestia hugged Luna sealed the deal for me. (The story with Celestia is something worth a post all by it'self, but that isn't relevant to the thread)
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I became a brony by watching kuledud3 and my own curiosity.I now am a BRONY FOR LIFE. :D


I was at my aunt's house and my 7-8 year old cousin turned on the first episode.
I was half asleep on the couch so all I really remember was thinking "they still make this show?", random bits of diolog from the first two-parter, and a strange image of the cmc's at their talent show(you can imagine my confusion lol). But my sisters loved it so my mom download the first episode on our phones for them to watch

One day my mom was taking forever to pick me up so I went "well how bad can it be if I still thin the Backyardigans is adorable"

The next time I spent the weekend at my grandmas I watch all the way through season three on Netflix.

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My transcendence into "bronyhood" (well, I dunno if I could call myself much of a brony) was something that happened overtime.
I saw the pony stuff as early as 2011 (I think), but it was more or less just like the rest of the unexplored media for me; just a TV show that I barely even noticed and had absolutely no clue about, even though it was insanely popular at the time. Then, if my memory serves me correctly, I slowly began watching it on a TV channel called Pop and one day I started watching BronyState streams starting from somewhere around halfway through season 5.
Since then, I've been a fan of the franchise for the first time since I last saw the original G1 series as a kid (which I found interesting, yet a bit kiddy back then).

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How about that for an answer? Ok, I was game master for a Robotech RPG, after doing some work on a game I was in the mood to read some stories. So after some looking for Robotech fanfics I find one I enjoyed. Like many stories I like I checked out the author link for others. One of the author's stories was a Robotech / MLP crossover. I thought should be good for a laugh.

Well, no. The previous story I was familiar with the Robotech universe, and the author gave no back story for the ponies.

I had seen MLP advertised on Netflix so I figured why not watch the first show. Ok first is a two parter so I watch them and at the I am thinking "that was a lot less girly and a lot funnier then I thought it would be." So I watch the next " ticket master" when the ponies are chasing Twi around to the Benny Hill music I was laughing out loud and hooked.
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Bored one summer, had nothing to do. Saw mlp, wondered why it was so poular. Fell in love  :P
Thanks for being the best community out there all you Bronies! ( and Pegisisters )


One of my friends (actually a guy who tended to be pretty "macho" told me that he watched it with his sisters, and really liked it.

I still don't know if he knew about bronies.

But I was just "Huh. Weird." since I had a vague idea of the sort of show I thought it was, but what he said was so different, it got my interest.

Still, I didn't actually start watching it until a lot later, watching reaction videos on YouTube.

But he planted that seed. I still don't know if he knows that or not.

I started with the first episode, and it seemed kind of hokey, but the animation was good, and I liked horses anyway. It definitely wasn't what I expected, though.

Also, it might have helped that the reactor had already seen the later seasons, and was talking about how it got better later.

But by the third or fourth episode, I was enjoying myself, and I was pretty much hooked.
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It was because of Brony notion, then cannedcream, but what really pushed me was lightning bliss. Also, how I came up with my oc, well... I woke up at 5:00 to make a drawing for my sister, which had ponies. Then, at school, I made a pony with a griffon tail. She had a rainbow dash/daring do hair style. I then decided to have her have fire and water powers. I finished her, came up with her name, and BAM!! Aqua Fire was made!
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Mid-early 2012, I was very unwell and very alone.

Spending my days playing call of duty I stumbled upon a clan of bronies and they were unlike anyone I'd met before.
Polite, courteous and supportive. They gave me hope and help, and I could not thank them enough.


Seems I never replied to this thread?

Anyway, like a lot of people I heard about the show when it was first airing, a lot of posts about it.  Back then, I visited the /b/ board, and every time I refreshed the main page, there was a pony thread.  Being someone who liked cute things, as well as cartoon/animated works in general, I gave it a go.  I was pretty much hooked after just a few minutes of watching it.  It seemed a pretty well made cartoon, and the community was generally quite good.

It's the only fandom I've really latched onto, even moreso than I ever did with Disgaea.


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I was always into cartoons. One of my friends used to talk about MLP, but I used to think like "Well, it's a girl's show." One day, when we returned from the pub, she showed me the parodic videos by hotdiggedydemon on youtube. I quite liked them, but I said something like "Well, but I don't understand a few things." So she tried to explain some things about MLP universe, ending up saying "You need to watch the show to understand it."
So I started watching the show from S01E01. At first I was like "What the buck is that thing?!", but then came the Winter wrap up episode, mainly the song, and I knew there was no going back  :D

Then a strange thing happened to me just about half a year back. I had nothing to do and was just browsing the interned to spend some time. I came upon a video about evolution of MLP opening songs and there I found out about older MLP generations. Out of pure curiosity I found and watched the Escape from the Midnight castle episode of G1 MLP. About falf way through I realized I know the thing! It was the show I used to watch with my cousin on Austrian TV (I didn't speak German at the time) back in early 90's! So maybe I was a Brony all the time, just didn't know about it  lol  lol  lol
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Oh boy oh boy! STORY TIME!  :D

     When I was 14-15 years old, I was quite the depressed, shut in Hermit Crab. I'd never really talk to anyone other than some of the friends that I've made online on my PC. I never really was the person to talk to anyone or ever come out of my bedroom and go interact. I'd go to school, talk to some of my school friends and do my classes, come home and sit on my PC. But, I was never sure why I was depressed.. maybe so cause I was trying to figure out what my purpose in life was.

     I needed to find something that would make me happy and find something that would get me out of the shell that I was in and be a more open individual. So, one day, I was browsing around Youtube when I discovered the "Save Derpy" Video. I watched it. I got really upset that even though she was just a cartoon character, the reasoning behind it was so horseapples. So, I did some research and found out she was attacked just because she was a "Special needs" character. I watched the episode "The Last Roundup". Needless to say, I was intrigued and felt happy. So, I went back to the beginning of Season 1 and watched it all the way to the end of Season 2 at the time and I felt joy, happiness and it taught me a lot of life lessons. I opened up more and I knew from then on, I owe my life to MLP:FIM. I'll be forever grateful.

I opened up to others, made more friends and I became confident enough to speak my mind and not give a feather on what people thought about me and my interests. I am who I am and I'm proud of the person I am now and a proud brony. I'll always forever be a brony.

I've been a Brony since August 2012, right around the same time I found Legends of Equestria and have been playing and following this game since.
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In my past I really enjoyed to draw ponies. And I thought "ok maybe I should watch my little pony?" and I watched first episode. Than I watched next and next episode and now I'm pegasister xD

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For me, I was completely oblivious to the fandom. Sure, once in a while I saw some random pony pictures, but I never put two-and-two together that that was mlp. I grew up with a sister who watched the old mlp, so I assumed that G4(though i didn't know that term then) was the same thing as the old one ("Childish shows where kids learn how to count or something"). Gradually i began to see pony pictures around the internet much more frequently, though apparently not enough for me to pay attention to. At one point I watched a youtuber named RarityDash react to Pokemon 'Bridged. I noticed many people mention mlp around many parts of the internet, nevertheless, I still didn't pay too much attention to it and dismissed it as an ironic enjoyment of the show. Eventually, a few months later, I saw that RarityDash had reaction videos to mlp and seeing that I enjoyed his commentary for Pokemon 'Bridged, I thought "If this guy likes it genuinely as well as so many people, maybe I should check it out." I watched the first episode, and then the second, and third, fourth.....*ahem*. Anyways, I enjoyed the show like an addiction  ovO  and here I am today.
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