How did you become a brony?

Started by Aphex93, 2012 Apr 06, 15:47:37

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One of my friends started to watch it and kept talking about it. One day i was at his house O:and he had to watch episode 25 O.O.....first i was asking him if he was gay then he showed me the anthology.....i walked out of the room, went home and stayed up watching ponies and was a major closet brony til a month or 2 back when i bought some shirts XD
even if u told me i was going to be like this i would have said nope now im saying eeyup

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I was on Memebase going though some other area when i noticed the 'My Little Brony' section. I'm a child of the 80's as well as the 90's, so i knew about the old ones, but not this version. I like the fun stuff on there, so i did my homework about the show. Impressed, i finally watch the first 2 episodes. And i've been a fan ever since.

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It was the year of 2011 and on a beautiful summer-evening in July.
I was just on my PC watching some pictures on Memebase,
yet, my thirst for comedy was not satisfied.
Even though all the category's were seen, all but one, Bronies!

Intrigued by the colourful ponies, I spent the next 2 or was 3 weeks
laughing at all those comics, convincing myself that my interest was
because of boredom, denying myself the full experience.

Until one faithful night, I was visited by an old friend, he was the one
who made me realize I shouldn't be listening to my conscience,
something that made me feel guilty for laughing.

With great haste I began acquiring the entire fist season.
Along with my good friend I watched it every night of the summer
Since then I consider myself a Brony...

Spoiler: In loving memory to my good friend.
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I was on youtube and I saw EPIC PIE TIME and I'm thinking,
'Looks epic, I'm gonna watch it.'
Which led me into watching BronyCon which then led me into
watching MLP which THEN led me into joining the forums
which therefore makes me a brony.

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On deviantart, me and my sister saw lots of people drawing MLP FIM.

So we decided to watch it.

End of story ovO

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Well, some of my online friends began talking about how they loved My Little Pony. I was like: "what?". 'Cause I had no idea what the animation was like or anything, so I thought it was the old generations they were talking about. Then I inquired to them, and they explained that it was Friendship Is Magic. Without telling anyone, I watched the first episode. It wasn't that bad, so I tried the second. I wasn't a big fan of that serious plot in the first 2 episodes, so I went on to the 3rd. This one I liked and I decided that the show was good. From then I just started watching the series like crazy  :3
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A set of circumstances brought me to watch the show and I enjoyed it.

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Saw a comic on teh interwebz. Later I saw it appearing more frequently, and thus curiosity led me to find it.
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Oh Youtube, where would I be right now if it wasn't for you?
Patrolling and stumbled across this video.
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I probably started becoming a brony at halfway 2011 or something, but when I became a brony I remember that all of the season 1 episodes were out by the time I finished watching them, and the 1st episode had 1 million views before it was removed...

I was introduced by a friend in a chatroom at a gaming site during the first days of summer vacation,sent a link and told me and a couple other buds to watch it. I was in the living room, luckily by myself there, because when I clicked on it my mind starting thinking: "What the heck am I watching? Am I really watching a show about ponies?" And sat down through the whole episode, at parts thinking why am I still watching this, and secretly starting to like it!? By the end of the first 2 pilot episodes, I was hooked, yet ashamed I liked this show, not realizing how popular it was and the fans(and their fanon name.) No less than at least 2-3 days later, I discovered Equestria Daily (EqD), and secretly started going to it and enjoying its posts, learning about the large fandom and their name.

Bronies.  --How I became a brony stops here.-- Continue to read to find out how I discovered EO(Which eventually seperated into LoE.) If you actually care.

Soon I learned about Equestria Online (The Pony MMO Project, I call it at times) and never felt so excited that a Pony MMO was being made, and hanged out in the suggestion part of the forums, giving ideas. Never said hello in the Introduction Threads. A week or two later had the guts to click on the IRC, before thinking it was for team members only, and then ended there is the IRC, going there and the forums for months and BLAHBLAHBLAH. At this point you probably really don't care.

TL;DR: I became a brony from a friend at a gaming website.
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My friend in the Navy always gave funny stories on how he single handily turned the crew into bronies, so I eventually was like, whatever I'll watch it.
Brony ever since.  :3


Friend was like "ahh dude, new episode of My Little Pony is on tomorrow!"
I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try
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saw a comment, heard it was good, never let my feelings cloud my judgement.  Instant brony.
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Those are pretty awesome :D I agree with the intro, I feel this should replace it XD


Summer of '11 I discovered some pony/brony spoofs and decided to see what it was all about, and here we are!
((I have also converted many a pony into bronies in the past year. <3))
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Unfortunately I dont think I have really converted anyone. If I did they definitely havent told me they watch the show. They should know I'd be happy about it my tumblr is mostly MLP spam haha


QuoteUnfortunately I dont think I have really converted anyone. If I did they definitely havent told me they watch the show. They should know I'd be happy about it my tumblr is mostly MLP spam haha

Yes my tumblr, facebook, twitter, and rl are all spammed with ponies.

My theory is that MLP is unavoidable. I have yet to meet one person who has watched it, who does not fall in love. It's addicting, like as soon as you watch your first MLP episode, you just want more, and more, and soon enough what do you know, you're a full blown brony!  ovO
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I really like horses and I was bored so looking for something online to watch. When I saw the new version of my little pony. I liked the look of it so I watched the first one. And of course had to watch the second one because of cliff hanger... after all it was all over. :D

Thanks for the drawings Sugarcup!


It's funny when I have people watch it and they go all in denial about liking it, then I offer them beer + MORE PONIES! and It all works out :)
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Quote from: Wolfie on 2012 Apr 07, 18:55:39
[...]offer them beer + MORE PONIES! and It all works out :)

A well tested and reliable tactic.

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