Anyone heard of telekinisis

Started by RainbowBloom, 2013 Aug 28, 18:24:13

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Has anyone herad of it well its like haveing magic like twilight sparkle and its very weird and interesting cause u can levitate objects most humans can do it its shown on wikipedia if anyone is studying it tell me i'd like to know your progress as for me i moved a pencil half a inch with telekinisis i possibly spelled it wrong oh well...


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Quote from: Yellowpikmin476 on 2013 Aug 29, 15:04:10
It's really possible?

It's quite debatable, but I'm still not quite sure myself. I believe in other things, but this one seems kind of out there...
It's kinda like asking if you believe in ghosts or psychics. It's all a matter of opinion


LOL i had the fan on when i did it its not real i just wanted to see if it was but its not most videos have special FX

Midnight Breeze

It's not real. Period. If it was true it would be well documented. Why is it that the scientific community hasn't taken interest in any of the people who claim to possess the ability?

If Psy were to exist it, it would require that the laws of physics be completely rewritten. Objects cannot move unless a force acts upon them. If a persons mind were to produce enough force to move an object several feet away then I'd hate to see what happened to his delicate brain tissue.


true i do believe its not real but i decided to see if it was

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