Cool Idea, but too lazy to work on it.

Started by GoldenTerrabyte, 2013 Aug 28, 13:44:54

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Basically, the idea is a fiction titled "Replay!" where a few of my OCs somehow got sent back in time and participate in the events of the episodes, from Twilight first coming to Ponyville to seeing her coronated. Awesome idea, but I fear I would lose track. I might just need some... encouragement.

Vermilion DeLuna

As an author myself, I often find it hard to stay on track as well. The best thing that I can suggest for it is to set aside a time of day to sit down and write. for myself, it's often from 7-9pm during the weekdays that I like to sit down with my laptop and work on the stories that I have started, and brainstorm new ideas.
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