Friendship is Optimal

Started by Midnight Blue, 2013 Aug 02, 20:24:02

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Midnight Blue

I found this fanfic by Iceman. It is the riveting tale of Hasbro's hugely successful Equestria Online MMO, and I pray to whatever gods that are out there that Legends of Equestria does not end up becoming remotely like this.  :I


You don't want to be happy and live in a world with friendship and ponies? :3


Ha! I've been reading a whole lot of that setting over the last week and was looking to post something about it tonight. It's about "Friendly AI", the notion that an AI could become incredibly dangerous not because it spontaneously turns evil (that Hollywood-style plot basically gets nipped in the bud in chapter one!) but because it does exactly what you programmed it to do. It turns out that the goal "Satisfy values through friendship and ponies" is a pretty good one as AI programming goes, but it does have some drawbacks...

It's also great for talking about the morality of uploading minds, of AI in general, and of living in a virtual world that verges dangerously on solipsism. It even has some fun nerdy references to concepts like graph theory as a way of explaining unicorn magic. -- This is one of several side-stories in that setting. There's also a pretty good one about the Celest-AI's law firm. And one that's written as a "Let's Play" with some interesting, thoughtful description of how the game mechanics of "Equestria Online" work. (One person even picked on the "Let's Play" by writing a technical walkthrough about how to hook up your PonyPad to an Oculus Rift, which makes it a fanfic of a fanfic of a fanfic of a cartoon which is an Ascended Fanfic of a 1980s cartoon.)

Newmoon Winter

I'm actually working on the concept for an Equestria Online type game, with a modified version of CelestAI... I'm thinking of getting the help of Yggdrassil Multimedia to help with the AI's shell...

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