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Started by Grizzly, 2013 Jul 27, 05:27:52

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Should i try drawing again?

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Hell no
2 (20%)
8 (80%)

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Voting closed: 2016 Dec 28, 14:12:04

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Very creative! I like Arctic the best. :)
[Avatar drawn by Dusky Hues; Thank you!]


2016 Mar 23, 15:28:14 #121 Last Edit: 2016 Mar 23, 15:32:25 by Grizzly
Thanks, the arctic one is one of my older designs to be honest, but i liked it and wanted to draw it again X3

Spoiler: Original Design • show
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Colt Concept

i must say grizzly your art is improving! :D


added a poll if i should start drawing again, please vote. Pole will be up for 7 days and results will be displayed after that period. thanks all.
The most common accident is the one noone expects.

Thunder Spin

2016 Dec 23, 04:59:06 #124 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 23, 10:29:12 by Thundergirl
It is not the best art. It is quite good. Maybe you can start drawing again. Who knows, maybe you draw better! ^-^

Aqua Fire

If there was a vote for yes, I would click it.
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