Legends of Guns of Icarus of Ponies

Started by Yozer247, 2013 Jul 24, 14:21:11

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Hey there

Wondering if anyone is interested in this awesome airship battling game!

If you are add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/yozer247/ so we can have a bit of fun :D

If your not.. how about I introduce you to the game?

Guns of Icarus is a multiplayer airship battle game where you man, repair and pilot an airship to victory! (whatever that is to the objective of the gamemode)

There are 3 classes and all of them have different roles and different amount of tools they can use.

The first being the Pilot is self-explanatory. If your the captain of the ship, this is the class you are going to be playing in order to have the easiest time flying your ship. The pilot gets 3 items to use for flying e.g. kerosene increases the ships speed when activated.

Next is the Gunner, again rather self-explanatory. As you can imagine, you shoot the guns. As a gunner you can get extra slots for different kinds of ammunition. e.g. Incendiary ammo, BURN BABY BURN

Finally is the engineer. They repair, buff and extinguish the ships different components and guns. They get 3 kinds of tools for use of repair.

This game has various aspects for each class to master in order to get better at their role in the ship.
The ship is manned by a 4 man crew. The most standard layout being 1 pilot 1 gunner and 2 engies.

The most fun you can have on this game is using teamwork with your friends to prioritise different components of your ship that may or may not be on fire and turning the tide of battle with a single chimera volley!

If you like flying, shooting or hitting things with wrenchs in a frantic manner then this game is for you! :D

There have been added features that allow you to invite others to join a single lobby as a dedicated crew to work together, image the fun that could be had if we had a Loe crew!   :]
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