I Need Foals

Started by tiny.parcel, 2013 Jul 18, 20:03:15

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For the fanfic I'm about to start, half of it takes place in a Summer Camp in Everfree. A camp is quite desolate without the lil' ones. I could just spawn a bunch, but they won't mean as much.

I'm totally cool with using a young version of your own OC, before or after their cutie marks. Don't worry, if you would like me to use them I will totes do my research first.

So- fillies and gentlecoats, what sort of little ponies should we see? 0:)


How many characters are you planning to have? 


As far as the foals go, only as many as six, if that. A one-room schoolhouse had about twenty, thirty- fewer would go to camp, and even fewer permitted to attend a summer camp in the Everfree Forest. There's only a few more characters, two main and a handful of side. It's a small, intimate cast.


can i do one if so
name:zap apple
mane:red and green
bio:went to summercamp because his parents are fighting
person:shy,hates swimming , good at growing apples mostly zap apples


Are you still needing foals?  ^-^
Beware the writer. She will feed off everything you say and store it into her memory, so don't be surprised if a few years from now you open up a book and see something you said years ago there. I'm always watching ovO


Hmm, If this is acceptable:
Name: Super Nova
Gender: Male
Race: Nightmare Alicorn (The flaming ones)
Spoiler: show

Personality: Shy, quiet, yet out going, determined to make friends.
Short Bio: He had a hard time by him self, and went to summer camp to hopefully make things easier.

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