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Started by Tommy73103, 2013 Jul 11, 15:10:47

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2013 Jul 11, 15:10:47 Last Edit: 2013 Aug 05, 10:41:51 by Tommy73103
Hi there!
theese are my first works in blender. i still have to learn to use the textures and materials but i'm going to learn soon  :D

This is my bedroom's clock:
Spoiler: show

This is my first attemp to create a tree:
Spoiler: show

A random screwdriver. i still have to figure hot to simulate metal propriely:
Spoiler: show

Triyng to create columns and archs:
Spoiler: show

vga-dvi adapter:
Spoiler: show

a simple clothespin:
Spoiler: show

This is my pc's case the best project till now:
Spoiler: show
The red light is because my pc actually have red leds in it :D
random angle:

Some newtonballs!:
Spoiler: show

Random corner:
Spoiler: show

modern art

Here is appleoosa train station, i really need help with uv mapping -.-
Spoiler: show


finally learned uv texturing :D
Spoiler: show

Let me know what do you think about my creations! =3


um i like ^^ but i only understand how is done 3d stl files .
but i like how are done


The tree has to many polygons i think but i also like highpoly models like that and if you really just began to work with blender those models are great. If you need any help with Blender feel free to ask or just watch one of my streams. Maybe i will stream tomorrow ^^ . 


2013 Jul 12, 08:17:14 #3 Last Edit: 2013 Jul 12, 08:20:20 by Tommy73103
Hey, just started learning basics of materials and texture, and i updated the clock model and the tree one.
I have one question about blender. is there a way to solidify edges? the ony way i know how to that is to extrude a circle on a curve but it is a long and hard way. i wonder if there is a simpler way to solidify edges. let me know =3


2013 Jul 12, 18:07:57 #4 Last Edit: 2013 Jul 12, 18:21:03 by HaponyHanzo
of course there is a way

Smoothed cube no edges at all:

Adding sharp edges (control + e -> click on mark sharp)

in the object mode it still looks the same so you have to add the edge split modifier (modifiers menu) and remove the checkmark at Edge Angle

Now a model where the edge split modifier was used:

as you can see some areas are smoothed but at some edges you can see that they are hard edges and that's why you can see the details.


Thank you for the help! =3
i have uploaded the gallery with new creations. i would really join the 3d team, so any advice to improve my abilities will be well accepted. hope to join soon  :D


Added the model of my pc's case, thanks to what i've learned from yesterday's stream by haponyhanzo the result is better than i expected and i'm happy to see my knowledge of blender growing day-by-day :D

uploaded appleoosa station, it has no texture because i have no idea where to take it and still have to learn uv mapping... D:
anyway, just for curiosity, the textures are created and applyed bu the 3d team? let me know


whoa! it'sbeen a while since last post :D
anyway i textured appleoosa station:
Spoiler: show


It looks great. Really great. But this model is pretty heavy for the game (just guessing, it looks too smooth).
And this render can be better without specular lights. Turned on Shadeless material option will make it simply perfect. Or just play with lights.


2013 Aug 05, 11:56:45 #8 Last Edit: 2013 Aug 05, 12:00:53 by Tommy73103
yeah, i know it's hard to build lowpoly structures without loosing too detalils, this is the x ray version:
Spoiler: show

and about the specular lights ,they aren't perfect, but is just because is still a work in progress, it need some more details to be finished :3
thank you for the compliment, andanyway i must say that you are able to create beautifoul projects, you're really good at modelling and i wish you to join the team soon    :P


If you are trying to go low poly, a good normal map could remove the need for some of the polygons (the panels on the door would be easy to simulate for instance.)

Rose clown

these look so cool even the apple losa train stations looks sweet!   :D  i can't wait to see apple losa if it's finished but still i can't wait till next time open server weekend happens!  <3 :P
hi,i love ponies

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