Guess the Episode Thread Game

Started by DJ_Flutterguy, 2013 Jul 10, 12:56:18

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2013 Jul 10, 12:56:18 Last Edit: 2013 Aug 02, 00:30:29 by DJ_Flutterguy
The goal is for one person to post a still-frame of any episode from MLP FiM. Then anyone else who want to participate can guess what episode the still frame is from. The person who guesses the episode correctly will get the chance to post any still-frame of their choosing for everyone else to guess.

Quick rules:

1. The still-frame chosen MUST be from the official show.
2. The first person to post the episode correctly must be replied to by the person who chose the still-frame to confirm a correct answer. If the correct answer has not been identified, submissions can still be posted for the most recent still-frame.
3. It's recommended that you don't just look up the answer. Obviously nopony can stop you, but it makes the game a lot more fun to play for everypony!
4. No hints may be given by the one who posts the image. Otherwise, it wouldn't be that fun! It's only a 1 in 52 shot, how much narrower can you get? Well... a lot actually. Whatever, still, no hints!

Simple enough? Good! Remember, this is all in good fun!
Welp, That's about it! Good luck everypony!

Here's the first picture...

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