Is the Season Pass in BO2 worth it?

Started by Zombieinferno32, 2013 Jul 10, 02:56:22

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I've been working my rump latelt because I want the season pass in Black Ops II. So when you get it, you get the other DLC for free? or what?.... Also when other new DLC comes out I get that for free as well?

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I'm in it for the Zombies Story Line. I've been closely studying the story for years since I first laid my eyes on the radios...or ears. But I've been so sucked into it. I've study all, I've completed all Easter Eggs and watched. But now is BO2 and I need to complete this part of the story.
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Personally, I don't think any of the DLC is worth the money. Though, you seem really invested in the zombie mode's story. There's worse things to spend $50 on, but there's better things, too.

I guess you should wait and see if there will be another map pack. That way you'll at least save $10. Unless you want the customization packs, too. Then go for the season pass.
The best part of a stealth game is sitting in a dark corner, listening to some guards talk about mundane things.


Wait, with the season pass you get the camos too?
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The best part of a stealth game is sitting in a dark corner, listening to some guards talk about mundane things.

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I have the Season Pass for Black Ops 2 and the map pack DLC that came (2 new DLC map packs for PS3 side) are free. Everything else like more CaC, Camos, Calling Cards aren't free and must pay to get them even with Season Pass. Black Ops 2 is my first CoD series but I'm going assume any future map packs are free for Season Pass users.


if you are in it for zombies mode then you will get at least three new zombie maps with the SP.(4 if you are on xbox) the maps are great I enjoy them a lot especially acatrraz so I say it is worth it  my brother bought the Sp for me for the same reason you have


Oh I know! I like the Alcatraz too! :D Even though it has nothing to do with the zombie story line I love the small little story they give you there ^-^. Also because I study in Demonology (Well used to) is that there is a portal to the underworld on Alcatraz in San Fransisco ovO. Lot of Omens happen there too >.<.
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