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-Physical Stuff-

Body Color: #9966FF
Mane/Tail Color and Style: White; mane worn long with bangs, tied back with a dark violet bow; tail medium-long and slightly unkempt
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Cutie Mark: An intricate symbol representing the beauty of space-time
Spoiler: More In-depth Explanation • show
This wonderful image & concept were done by DNAwesome. :D
Physique: Tall (by in-game standards), average build

-General Stuff-
Name: Alassë Prisca Sparkle Fly [In-game: Alase (earth pony), Prisca (unicorn), or Sparkle Fly (pegasus)]
Race: Time Horse
Gender: Female
Age: 357 years old, but appears similar in age to the Mane 6.

-Social Stuff-
Current Residence: Mainly Ponyville, but she travels constantly. Her favorite place is the Everfree Forest.
Job: Guide - gives tours and helps lost ponies find their way, especially around the Everfree Forest.
Family: See History.
Closest Friends (in no particular order): Fair Blue "Fairy", Creepy Stalker, Dream Dust, Harmony/Bad Harmony "Baddy"/Rebellious Harmony "Rebel", Shade, Thunder Jet, Pumpkin Seeds, Blobking "Blobby"

-Personality Stuff-
Likes: Anything that happens to catch her attention.
Dislikes: Cruelty.
Motivation: Adventure, discovery, learning, and making Equestria a better place.
Strengths: Intelligent, creative, friendly and energetic.
Weaknesses/Flaws: Easily distracted, gets lost in her own thoughts, little tact.
Fears: Being in pain, seeing a loved one hurt.
Personality: Most ponies don't really understand this mare. She appeared in Ponyville one day and began to constantly ramble on about how she'd lost her "tardis" (whatever that is). She's rather random and talkative, but is also highly intelligent and of a helpful disposition.


Spoiler: General Time Horse Stuff • show
In case you know absolutely nothing about Doctor Who, here's some basic lore for Time Horses (which are based off the humanoid "Time Lords" in the Doctor Who series):

- TARDIS stands for: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. They are vehicles used by Time Horses to travel through space and time. They are "grown", not built.
- Time Horses, when they are about to die, go through a process called "regeneration", which literally transforms them into a whole new pony: new body, new personality, etc. "Regeneration energy" is what they use to go through this process, and each Time Horse has the same limited amount of regeneration energy (enough to regenerate 12 times).
- Draconequi (Discord's species) are the mortal enemies of the Time Horses due to their reality-warping abilities.
- The Elements of Harmony were forged by the Time Horses as a means of defense against the Draconequi.
- One of the Time Horses (Doctor Whooves in my personal headcanon) lured all the Draconequi and any Time Horse who thought the war should continue (which was nearly all of them) to Gallopfrey, then wielded all of the Elements of Harmony to seal them in a Time Lock because the war was literally tearing the universe apart.
- Young Gallopfreyans entering the Time Horse Academy go through a ritual where they look into the Untempered Schism (a "hole" in the fabric of reality, through which you can see all of time and space at once) at the age of eight and thus become Time Horses. That's when many of them get their cutie marks.
- Time Horses can either be winged (pegasus), horned (unicorn) or plain (earth pony). When they regenerate, it will randomly be into one of these three "forms". 

     Alassë Prisca Sparkle Fly was born as a horned [unicorn] Gallopfreyan to two of the most brilliant TARDIS growers Gallopfrey had ever seen (her father was an engineer, her mother was a designer). Her older brother - a white winged stallion with silver mane - never traveled, preferring to stay on Gallopfrey to raise a family and teach at the Time Horse Academy.

     When Alassë (who went by Prisca at this time) was eight years old, she was brought before the Untempered Schism for her initiation into the Time Horse Academy. There, exposed to and unprotected from the enormity and raw power of time and space, the filly found herself completely enraptured by the indescribable beauty of the universe. She took several steps toward the Untempered Schism - something nopony had ever done before - until her horn barely touched the opening. A bright light seared through her mind, her soul - then she blacked out.

     The filly awoke several days later in the Academy's medical facility. Her mind was still humming from the beauty of what of what she saw. Much too excited to stay in bed, the filly galloped to the Academy Library and began looking up everything she could find on the layout and workings of the universe. Her brother was the one who found her, and was also the first to notice that not only had she lost her horn, but she had also gained her cutie mark: an intricate, symmetrical design that symbolized the beauty of space and time. This is when the filly began to go by her first name, Alassë.

     Due to her accident with the Untempered Schism, Alassë's ability to sense the presence of other Time Horses was severely damaged. She could sense their collective presence in the whole of space and time, but she could only detect the local presence of those Time Horses she was especially close to. It was so bad that she often couldn't tell if the pony she was standing next to was a Time Horse or not. However, this "accident" also granted her a unique, unexpected advantage: she has the ability to switch between winged, horned, and plain Gallopfreyan at will - at the cost of some of her regeneration energy. She can also use her regeneration energy to heal life-threatening wounds rather than regenerating completely. Because of this, she is still on her first regeneration, and it is unknown if she has the ability to go through a full regeneration.

     To celebrate getting her cutie mark, Alassë's parents began to grow a brand-new, prototype TARDIS, the only one of its kind. They gave it to Alassë as a gift and explained that, while it was too young to be flown yet, it would, with the proper care, be ready for use by the time she graduated from the Academy. The young filly was overjoyed by this gift, and spent much of her spare time learning how to take care of her "Baby" and help it grow. Her soul burned with the desire to see first-hand the wonder and majesty of the universe in all its ages.

     Once Alassë graduated from the Time Horse Academy and was certain her Baby was grown enough to fly, the young mare took her TARDIS to the stars. She became so preoccupied with her travels that she paid almost no attention to the intensifying Time War, which was being waged between the Time Horses and the Draconequi... that is, until entire species began to disappear from existence. Alassë was immediately disturbed at this. She contacted her friends and family, trying to figure out why the Time Horses were at war with the Draconequi. All she was ever told, however, was that Draconequi were "the great scourge of the universe" and that they needed to be "purged from existence".

     Deeply saddened by the sudden cold-heartedness of her friends and family, Alassë decided that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with this Time War. She continued to travel, doing all she could to stay out of the war's influence. She even went so far as to ignore the call for all Time Horses to return to Gallopfrey at a specified date to defend it from a powerful Draconequi attack.

     Then, it happened.

     Alassë was flying her TARDIS through the Time Vortex when she felt it. Gallopfrey - her friends, her family, every single Time Horse who had answered that call, who was now on her home world, putting their lives on the line to defend it from an onslaught - was gone. Severed from existence. No longer present in any time or any place.

     She would never see her friends or family again. In fact, she might never see another Time Horse again.

     She was completely and utterly alone.

     The shock was too much. Her mind shut down as her Baby - now without a pilot - began careening toward the nearest planet: Equestria.

     Alassë was thrown from her TARDIS, landing near a hospital in Ponyville. The locals brought her inside and treated her wounds. Once healed, Alassë immediately began searching for her Baby, which was a near impossible task since it had certainly "blended in" to its surroundings immediately upon landing (as most TARDISs were programmed to do). Alassë's search led her to nearly memorizing the layout of the Everfree Forest and even finding a time rift in Canterlot, but at last she realized that searching for her TARDIS was a fruitless endeavor. Knowing she would likely be stuck on this world for decades or longer, Alassë began supporting herself by giving guided tours of the Everfree Forest and other places in Equestria.

~Theme Song~

Shadow Mare


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Ginster Steed

[size=8]If my calculations are correct... If the fifth S4 episode is called "Far From The Tree"...
You gonna see some serious schmitt.[/size]


Ginster Steed

I'll see that tomorrow evening when my OC's ready :p

[size=8]If my calculations are correct... If the fifth S4 episode is called "Far From The Tree"...
You gonna see some serious schmitt.[/size]


You chose a good theme song for your character... I started to feel sad, in thinking of what she went through.
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Thank you. :) It's always been one of my favorites, and I just happened to hear it after I put her history together, and it just fit so perfectly that I had to include it. <3


The way you structured the history part when Gallopfrey got destroyed gave me goosebumps and made me sad  D:. Awesome backstory though :D.

Gracie Sky

Mmm... it's a crossover or fanfiction, and I'm not entirely good at judging crossovers, considering my knowledge on Doctor Who and his pony counterpart are limited to what you provided for me. I can't really compare the logic and events to what is plausible in Equestria.

As a story in general, I suppose it's fine. I don't understand why these ponies are exploring the universe and dimensions in the first place, so I couldn't tell you if her getting closer to an Untempered Schism is a good or bad approach to her development, although it does indicate she thinks beyond conventional wisdom... or she is oblivious. The new proto-type TARDIS would seem unique if I knew why it was better/different from the others, ignoring the fact that the thing was most likely untested.

About losing everyone close to her, I'm a bit torn in two directions. One being she didn't want to have anything to do with them in the first place, so why would she care? The second being she didn't actually feel that way and cared deeply about those ponies; their beliefs being what she didn't agree with. Regardless, it's an extreme turn to take in the development for a character, although I suppose this would be the time travelling equivalent of having your quaint peasant village hometown destroyed in your childhood.

Lastly... she ends up in Equestria... I'm assuming randomly. She decides to fit in while searching for her TARDIS, even though I have serious doubts about what she would do in the event she did find it, considering she has nowhere to go.

I'm sorry I couldn't give any advice, just merely my impressions. Hopefully it helps.
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Quote from: ssumppg on 2013 Jul 07, 22:23:26
Closest Friends (in no particular order): [...] Shadechaser/Shadow [...]

...I think this part needs some clarification. "Shadechaser is commonly referred to as Shade." I have yet to have anyone who actually posted "Shadow" when referring to her in RPs that she is in. Just a nit-pick I had. Ignore it if you want.
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