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Started by Sugarcup, 2013 Jun 28, 11:52:50

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Doctor Light

Sugarcup, this is beautiful! I can't make something that nice. :o
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Welcome back, Sugarcup! I'm glad you're back. Really love the art, by the way. :]



new art :D not really sure why that weird stuff show up around the pony, it does that from time to time D:

Little Star

Hey! Before I read that caption I thought "How cool! Having an interesting sort of shadow to the pony! very creative..."


Sugarcup! Sugarcup hey! It's me Dusty :D Hi

Teal Turken

Welcome back Sugarcup! It's great to see you return with new art!

I think you should take Nala's challenge to draw Discord. :3


Nala Valor

*gets up and start applauding*
*-* pretty

Teal Turken

Teal Turken



 o_O Wow. That's really good lol

Coffee Rush

Oh goodness... It's too good!  <3
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Shadow Mare

Proudy Hooves

So... beautiful!  :3
Like every piece of art you drawn.
These ponies look even classy and fabulous, you're one of the best artists hhere  ;)
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Well, I see your drawing and saying that those are incredible would be an understatement.
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I really wish I had sai. my drawings would look a lot better... :c

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