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Started by ArtVeigar, 2013 Jun 16, 00:14:05

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"My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me.  You won't even remember this conversation.  Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten.  Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing.  I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable.  Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music.  If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me.  If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists.  Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me."

Link to the FanFic:
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I read this fic about months ago, but never though of starting a discussion thread about it. Now, remembering it after some time, I just needed to talk about it with someone. This fic was just amazing! The first chapter is everything you need to get hooked up, and could have even been an one-shot, but the story just gets more epic and twice more philosophic with each chapter. And that end... It was just incredible how shortskirtsandexplosions gave Lyra so much depth and character development through the course of the story. This was the first pony fic I've ever read, and it made me change the way I see Lyra completely, from a human-obsessed and over-excited unicorn to a selfless philosophic musician.

And about you? Have you read this yet? Because if you haven't, I suggest you to stop doing whatever you are doing to read this awesome literary masterpiece.

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