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Started by GoldenTerrabyte, 2013 Jun 05, 20:22:41

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Quote from: Mazead on 2014 Dec 14, 06:21:37
Making new ponies!

Me too! Unfortunately when I make one I have no use for it so it just sits in the middle of nothingness in my mind... :(


Making my friends laugh.
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Thinking of animation ideas. If only I could animate...
Oh, and customization in games. Tell me it isn't awesome ^-^
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Nippon Animation's animations!  :D

Birds don't just fly they fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it wrong


Revival of dead threads.  ^-^
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A self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-media-types". I tend to say "freaking" a lot.<br />My OCs:

Itty Bit

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Quote from: Itty Bit on 2015 Nov 16, 14:42:05
My momma~
When I saw you were the most recent poster in this thread, I somehow knew what it would say before I even clicked on it. lol Love you too!!
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MLP.... So glad there's a new, better version that's... good... omg I looked back at the show I loved as a kid...... *shudder*
Japanese. Culture. Language. People. Just everything's awesome there. (Ehh nix the negatives, there's negative in everything.. POSITIVE! YESH! SMILE! :D ovO)
and I second that, Sweet Brew... Spam... Spam is good.... Junk Spam of course, lol. Food Spam is bad xD
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My ferrets and my cat are awesome, I can't not smile when I'm with them.
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