Removing SweBow from LoE

Started by Kit, 2013 May 26, 00:12:20

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To our wonderful fans,

A lot of unpleasant drama has transpired recently and we know many of you are concerned about the future of Legends of Equestria.  We also know that there is confusion and doubt regarding recent events.  On behalf of the entire LoE staff, I want to assure you that we are still dedicated to finishing this game and providing you all with a fantastic experience.  I will also describe briefly what actions have been taken recently.

Team Leaders of LoE voted by majority in favor of removing SweBow from the LoE project on Friday, May 24th.  Well before this meeting, SweBow was invited to explain his actions and attend the meeting.  The infractions that resulted in his removal were:

- Revealing sensitive and private information to the public with full knowledge of the potential damage it could cause to LoE's image.
- Unannounced and prolonged periods of inactivity which severely hampered the Public Relations Department.
- Intentional refusal to communicate with other LoE Members regarding official Public Relations matters.

SweBow is no longer a Team Member of Legends of Equestria.  We wish him well with his future endeavors.

As always, the LoE Team continues to work to make LoE an amazing game!

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