Legends of Equestria takes a giant leap into the future of online gaming!

Started by Liska, 2013 Apr 01, 02:10:28

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Coffee Rush

I suppose that's true. Is the moose's greatest enemy the alpaca?
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Coffee Rush

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I wonder if Deer's are coming next...

haha moose! I like the idea! I also like how there drawn to! :D



Well, now we have a new confirmed monster or maybe NPC. But yes, really good April Fools joke.

Though I do say this is better, though it isn't completely an april fools joke: http://www.mojang.com/2013/04/its-finally-coming-minecraft-2-0/
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Ahahahahaha... I see where this is going.....
April fools... lol


Don't know what to put here.
So I just am typing these words, not knowing what to type here.
Maybe later I'll figure out.
It's been TWO years and I've STILL haven't figured out what to type...

Poisoned Shadow

Please tell me there will still be ponies.   DD:

Wait. Today is April 1st, isn't it?  :/

The Silent Wolf

Quote from: Poisoned Shadow on 2013 Apr 01, 19:50:09
Please tell me there will still be ponies.   DD:

Wait. Today is April 1st, isn't it?  :/

Naw it's May 1st. :P Yes, its April 1st. But I hope their kinda serious those moose look moosetastic.
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wait plz tell me this is not a joke wel why would they change so much stuf  :/ im  on to them I need every at bit of info  :3
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This is moost pleasing of a development.

Moose. T'is the new age of gaming. Moose.
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All of this is yes.

But what should we call ourselves, now? We can't be called bronies if we are now fans of moose.
How about mooselings? Nah...


Wait for it...



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