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Fiction Melody

2013 Mar 19, 00:14:37 Last Edit: 2013 Jun 28, 20:57:41 by Fiction Melody
I am almost finished with the character's profiles. For now, all I have done is what is listed. Please be patient with me.
This should be finished by end of the week. When finished, this will be condensed and better organized.
-Update 6/19/13-

I am going to update the appearances of all OCs that already have one. Starting with Serenity/Clover/Rose, Chase, and Violet.

-Update 6/21/13-
Images for the following three OCs are now available!: Serenity, Clover, and Rose. I'll reorganize the whole profile to better make sense. For now, until I can get a real artist to better portray them, this is the best I can offer.
For now, all the edited appearances will be blank flanks until I add the CM later. I just wanted to get the general look finished first.

Spoiler: New Appearance Images/References (Not yet finalized / missing cutie marks) • show
Spoiler: Serenity • show
Spoiler: Clover Charm • show
Spoiler: Rose Pedals • show

-Update 6/22/13-
The profiles are still incomplete. So, reading them now will only give one a distorted idea about them. I have their basic info and a reference picture so that you can imagine them, but their other info and background stories are still not quite finished.
I do not advise reading them, but you may. Just remember one thing: still not done. Thank you!

Secondly, I do play with underdeveloped characters to help develop them. It does often leads the OC to be more Dynamic and round rather than static and flat.

Name: Serenity
Kind: Earth
Gender: Mare
Age: 18

Spoiler: Clover Charm • show

Name: Clover Charm
Kind: Earth
Gender: Mare
Age: 18
Special Talent: Being Lucky (?)
Other Skills: Musical vocals, Copying techniques or images,
Personality: Social, kind, locks up when in uncomfortable situations, noticeably paranoid
Likes: Winning, Rivers and lakes, night sky,
Dislikes: Losing, solitude, repeating nightmares
Notable Details: Her ear twitches when someone says luck, can not resist taking up a wager, always wears an earring

Background Story:

Clover is a rather confusing pony from Manehatten. She doesn't speak much of her past. So, not much is known about her. Her best friend, Chase, advised her to get out of Manehatten and find some place new. Taking her friend's advice, she leaves Manehatten and takes a train to the next stop on its schedule. During her trip, she was constantly looking around and making note of every pony that she saw. Many thought that was rather strange, but they would not be able to get any information from the traveling mare.

On the train ride, she met a friendly mare and made a wager with her. Clover lost and paid up the wager, even though she was told that she did not have to. Much to the mare's surprise, she got what was owed to her and she knew just who Clover was now. The mare said nothing about that to Clover, but wondered about it. Clover got off at the train station in Ponyville.
Her adventure and her new life begins there.

Dialogue Color: Green

Notes: This character was originally for a short story I am still working on. I left out the details about the unicorn and Clover's friend so I can use this character for role-playing.

Rose Pedals
Kind: Earth
Age: 18
Gender: Mare
Special Talent:
Other Skills:

Amethyst Wings aka Violet "V"
Kind: Pegasus
Gender: Mare
Age: N/A
Special Talent: N/A
Other Skills: YTD
Personality: Kind, obedient, meek
Likes: Musical sounds (Singing, instruments, humming)
Dislikes: rudeness, aggressiveness, knowing her remaining time is short

Background Story:

(Warning! Long read ahead and it isn't done yet!)

Amethyst Wings has one unique history. She barely recalls much of her early days as her experiences in the world had stacked.
Spoiler: Part 1 • show

(The following story is a shortened version of the original that I was writing. Reading this below is a brief summary of key points that occurs. If you want to read the whole original story, I'll have it posted in the Writing part of the forum.
Please note that this is a draft. I'll fix it up and announce it done eventually.)

Amethyst's earliest memories that she can recall was a young unicorn filly that found her. The filly couldn't give Amethyst more than a day at a time, but that was more than enough for the two to form a strong bond. The third time Amethyst was awoken by the unicorn filly during a quiet day in the orphanage, they learned each other's names, but Vanilla, the unicorn filly, had quite a bit of trouble saying 'Amethyst.' So, Amethyst decided to let the unicorn filly come up with a nickname. Vanilla looked at a flower that was in a pot and knew what to call Amethyst. Because the flower was the same color as the pegasus, Vanilla called Amethyst Wings 'Violet.' Amethyst would be known as Violet from that day.

Eventually, Vanilla's magical control allowed her to give Violet more time each time she cast the spell. She even learned of a way to dispel the magic in Violet just in case the situation needed it. As Vanilla grew and came to hate the orphanage more and more, she looked forward to having Violet as a friend. She told Violet about how much she despised the orphanage that she is forced to live in. Violet, know just how much poor Vanilla was troubled, decided to adopt the unicorn filly. It was a difficult plan, but they succeeded and left orphanage behind. Violet had obtained a house in a meadow. It was a nice scene, though a bit far from any towns. That was fine though. They were both happy. Vanilla gave Violet every day she possible could as her magic improved and Violet vowed to take good care of her until she wasn't needed.

Even after Vanilla had grown up, she still kept Violet around; waking her and giving her several days at a time. Their bond had been amended and their behaviors towards each other were now so very different. Many years passed as they spend days in their lonely home out in the meadow and occasionally traveled. The two shared a wonderful life and precious times together. Nothing seemed to bother them.

One day, Vanilla learned that she didn't have much time left. So young, she was to have such a fate. Nothing could be done though. She told Violet about it and Violet promised to be there until the end. Months passed as Vanilla kept the estimated time to herself, not letting Violet know when. She didn't want to worry her lifelong friend with a ticking clock and thought a veiled timer would be easier to deal with. Violet never missed a day, thinking that every tomorrow would be the last. She dreaded the thought of losing Vanilla and what would happen to her after that. The magic from Vanilla would expire and she would not be able to do anything about it.

The day it happened was just like any other normal day. Violet came in after watching the sunrise and woke up Vanilla to come and eat breakfast. Vanilla knew that this was the day and she knew that Violet would not be able to go on without help. She made a plan and hoped that everything would work out. Vanilla had eaten the breakfast that was prepared for her and she told Violet that she had a surprise for her lifelong friend. Violet believed that it was a present of some sort. The violet pegasus nearly forgotten about the condition after several months of anticipation. Vanilla dispelled the magic in Violet and carried the amethyst to the tree near their house. That tree is specially marked with an engraved 'V' in the trunk. Vanilla renewed the magic in Violet, giving her every possible day she could. It drained her of all of her remaining energy, but it was well worth it to her.

Vanilla broke the news to Violet at that moment, letting her dear friend know that her time was almost over. They shared one last moment together before Vanilla closed her eyes. She wanted believed that she would just go to sleep just like Violet did every time the magic in her expired. Vanilla said a final farewell. Violet sobbed as she said her part of the farewell. Under the sunset of that same day, Violet looked at the marked burial site of Vanilla, right under the engraved 'V' in the tree. She nailed a handkerchief that she had made right under the engraved 'V'. The handkerchief was a lovely white with a violet 'V' in the middle, just like every other one she had made. Before Violet left the scene of the meadow with the house and the tree, she looked back and made a strong memory of it. She would never forget all the wonderful times she had there and she would never forget the unicorn that lived and died there.

(To be continued. Yeah... This is just one part in her life. I'll try to keep the other parts just as short as this, if not shorter)

Dialogue Color: Violet
Spoiler: Appearance (Soon to be edited) • show

This is going to be edited to. I'm chaning the colors a little, but they will still pretty much be the same.

Name: Dawn Chaser "Chase"
Kind: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Age: 22
Special Talent: Light Magic
Other Skills: Enchantment,
Personality: Caring, protective, secretive
Notable Details:
Background Story:
Chase has been studying enchantment and charms since he had first taken interest in it. He has become quite skilled and enchanting just about any object with any effect he desires. He has learned to be careful of certain effects and certain objects to enchant. His skill has earned him a fair paying job as he enchants things for others. He limits and bars certain effects from his business. Eventually, he was able to afford and impressive workshop to aid his studies and his work.

Chase often travels to find new items and come up with new enchantment ideas. He never forgets his talent though. He can manipulate light in ways that others can barely imagine. His most impressive achievement with light manipulation is making light tangible other than just seeing it. He made it touchable.

He grew up with his best friend, Serenity. Their younger years, they grew up as friends, but before serenity was even a teenager, her father entrusted her well being and her growth to Chase's family. Now the two friends grew up like siblings and friends at the same time.

Dialogue Color: Dark Organge
Spoiler:  Appearance • show

(Still in concept stage)
Name: Gambit
Kind: Pegasus (?)
Gender: Mare (?)
Age: 25(?)
Special Talent: (?)
Other Skills: High awareness (?)
Personality: Rather careless, smug at times, sometimes greedy (?)
Likes: (?)
Dislikes: unethical offers, threats(?)
Notable Details: Gambit is always seen as described above when dealing with business
Background Story:

Gambit is a loyal to the coin freelancer, but obeys a first come first serve basis. This freelancing agent takes any job and will never sell out if another offer comes along to disregard the task at hand. Gambit tends to use loop holes to do as little as possible if the job turns out to be undesirable and will refuse any job that doesn't suit their preference.

Name: Silver Lining
Kind: Pegasus
Gender: Mare:
Age: 25
Special Talent: Art
Other Skills: Superior hearing
Personality: Very friendly, hides the fact she is blind, and
Likes: Floral talk, sunset and sunrise horizons, beautiful sights, and sketching/drawing
Dislikes: Wasting time, being grounded, artistic bashing
Notable Details: Colorblind or blind (?)

Background Story:
Spoiler: Background Story • show

(Being rewritten)

Dialogue Color: YTD
Appearance: (Currently unavailable)

Spoiler: Template (SID) • show

Special Talent:
Other Skills:
Notable Details:
Background Story:

My OC List
My OC List

Thanks FakeSmile for the pics!!

Dark Hooves

Interesting idea there Fiction Melody.

have you seen my OC list?
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she can do a good couple with my oc Don depressor   :P

Gracie Sky

Mm, a gambling pony. Haven't seen many of those, but I like the way she's going, specifically with how her gambling is getting her in trouble. It's a good touch of drama.

Now if she wasn't using a similar color to Gracie Sky... But that's my fault for using such a common color scheme. :c
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Fiction Melody

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A couple of misfortune. Hmm...

As for the color scheme, it is pretty common.
When I took a second look, it reminded me of Apple Fritter.
My OC List
My OC List

Thanks FakeSmile for the pics!!


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