Zombie Plan

Started by Weatherboy1, 2013 Mar 03, 17:51:49

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Word says all.

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The zombies are here, all right... all over the place.
We need to teach them physics and get them good jobs so they can start blowing up expensive equipment.

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Wasn't a thread like this deleted months ago?

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Quote from: Somebeing on 2013 Mar 03, 18:12:37

Word says all.

I for one welcome our new zombie overlord

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Eh, I'm on the moon. Pretty chill up here ya' know? :D
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Bravo 658

Hey, I've been working on a spacecraft design.  If I can get it mastered, mind if I join ya up there?


My plan:
Sit in a corner and cry.

Haned tom.

welp time to get the underwater bunker ready.
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Quote from: Johannes on 2013 Mar 09, 12:58:55
My plan:
Sit in a corner and cry.

*Falls over and dies laughing* lol

Can I- can I be serious? Like, seriously post my plan? No? Okay.
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Quote from: ComputerDeathglare on 2013 Mar 12, 12:54:53
Can I- can I be serious? Like, seriously post my plan? No? Okay.

You may post it and if any of the mods complain, you can tell them you had my permission.
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My plan: Teach them Thriller, with a big fight scene at the end were they kill each other... Then see if they follow it, and let the problem destroy the problem.
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Quote from: Enstramentall on 2013 Mar 12, 18:11:06
My plan: Teach them Thriller, with a big fight scene at the end were they kill each other... Then see if they follow it, and let the problem destroy the problem.

That's it. You win.
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Hug them! They'll be so surprised you're not running, they won't know what to do. Then they'll starve, eventually. GG.
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I like how because of games like left 4 dead , and call of duty zombies have been taken so lightly.
If a zombie outbreak does happen it'l be like the walking dead. You'l just have to fight your way through watching the world go down before your inevitable death while losing friends , and family just hoping this will end while it just gets way worse every second.
My plan? Just wait. Spend all the time I have left.


Wait. It's the wisest thing to do. If the zombi is really a dead walking and hungry human body, you can just get some provisions and stay shut inside a safe house for a couple of weeks, months if possible. When you get out, they'll probably have been rotted and, if there's anything left alive, it won't be even able to walk, so no risk.

And if it's something infected by some sort of a disease that makes people lose their sanity and get overly hungry, there is really no reason why they wouldn't take down each other, so wait a few weeks or months and their numbers will be greatly reduced. And if they are hungry, there is probably a reason, like they desesperately need to eat or they won't survive, so if you can wait time enough, a lot more will starve.


I'd make a run to a pawn shop or Wal-Mart and get all the guns I can before shutting myself into a Costco. Food, weapons, clothes, couches to sleep on, all inside a concrete building.
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Bravo 658

I'd just put on a whole lot of thick clothing, boots, wrap a sweat shirt or two around my head, and have motorcycle goggles holding the eyes open.  My anti-bite armor now on, I'd head somewhere cold... probably Hume Lake.  Then again, up there one wouldn't have a need for zombie protection.  Zombies wouldn't have any reason (or strength) to climb mountains!

hyper drive [HD]

my friend has been training to become a helicopter pilot for around 2 years now. so i would go with him before that thought get guns and my gf(btw thanks for the tips guys) then go in helicopter to woods and camp out up there.


I would follow Zombieland's rules, silly as that sounds... They're actually quite good!

I'd also try to get some sort of anti-bite armor. The ideal would be an actual suit of armor, but how and where will I find a suit of armor that will fit me and not slow me down too much? I coul maybe get bits and pieces though, like Gauntlets. Not only would I look awesome, I would also have better defense and feel like I'm in Final Fantasy!

Also, I only played the game so I don't know if it's the same on the show, but if Zombies won't attack you if you have their blood all over you like in Walking Dead... Disgusting as it may be, kill a couple of zombies, take a red bath and you're good to go!

I know we have a handgun and some ammo here in the house somewhere, and I also have a kick flank aim even though I've only shot a gun two or three times before (Having a dad in the military has it's perks!)... But I would probably prefer some sort of sharp weapon, like a sword or a katana. Silent and easy to kill with. Finding one would be hard though, so I'd have to work with what I get at any given time. Luckily, I can use any kind of weapon it seems. :]

As a transportation method, I know where I could get a big truck to use... A big truck that could be filled not only with survivors, but also with supplies. The only hard part would be getting supplies...

I'd try to make my way to an island while helping survivors and having fun along the way.

Having fun? Yes, having fun. Dead Rising taught me I can be creative and use lots of Duct Tape for many things. Hay, even using common objects works too! Have you ever stabbed a zombie in the head with a shower head? lol

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