Your Stupid Habits

Started by Midnight Breeze, 2013 Feb 23, 20:36:03

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- Losing track of time when I'm focusing on something (book , game, working) especially when on a project I would end up accidentally pulling all-nighters and have to go to class with no sleep

- falling asleep on buses, but yet waking up at my stop (once because I ended up head-butting the seat in front of me in my sleep)

- zoning out daydreaming for long periods

- running songs over and over in my head, usually triggered by something irrelevant ( a couple of days ago I saw a book called shadow of the night, and ended up singing in my head "princess of the night" for friendship is witchcraft for hours)

- setting my clock to run an hour fast

- compelled to go back and double check that I locked the front door just after I pass the front gate

- lock the bathroom even when I know no one will be home for ages

- can only sleep on my right side (don't know why)

- watch or read something really funny ( or multiple funny things) when in a public quiet area, try my hardest not to laugh, then after 5 or so minutes I burst out laughing really loud at nothing

- tap my fingers and feet to a tune in my head

- chewing on things, a lot ( generally I mean food) ranged from gum to gobstoppers/jawbreakers (which doesn't damage my teeth but the rock hard candy) unfortunately I involuntarily dislocate one side of my jaw since I got hit in the side of my face when I was a kid, so it sometimes locks up and is painful as hell when it does

- when in deep thought or daydreaming I kinda zone out, when I zone back in its occasionally awkward when I realize I have been staring directly at someone with apparently an angry face (lol)

- minor obsessive compulsive

- close my is and vividly use my imagination for creative purposes (music helps), for quite a while, and people think I'm asleep

- when really engrossed in my work or my game and people try to talk to me, people have pointed out that I don't answer til I get to a certain milestone or break in my work, I don't really mean to but I generally end up saying things like "uh-huh" "yep" and "one moment" without even realizing, or just nodding

Yep that's a long long list, but don't let that fool you, I'm completely normal ovO


Singing out loud to no music and only realizing where I am about three lines in

Rainbow Twist

i have a habit of eating either to much or to often.....


Biteing my nails, daydreaming a lot, mostly to music. Crying a lot/to little, when i cry, i cry a lot D: but the rest of the time, i almost never cry.
Oof it's been too long


I think I may be allergic to chalk and have a compulsive disorder??


I tend to check my on demand sales reports are work....ohh, maybe 50 times a day......half the time i'm not even sure WHY i'm looking up the sales since I finished looking at them 10 minutes ago....

I'll even come in on my day off and check them X3

I also always check the end of day sales at the end of my closing night, and again the following morning even though there won't be any change since the store hasn't opened yet.....


I generally am about 3-6 years behind the computer curve and have a bad habit of refurbishing out of date technology for personal use.

Because.  I need a laptop that's fast, reliable, and can be jostled around at conventions.


While I don't consider it "stupid" I do find it funny whenever I type "welcome" on my cell phone the next words it suggests are "to" and "LoE"....


My stupid habit is waiting until last moment to start working, be it cleaning house or working outdoor.

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