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Ok. So. When you're on the forum page, go to the to bar, under the facebook, twitter, youtube, that stuff. Bring your mouse over the "Profile" tab, which will drop down three selections. You want to click the "Forum profile" tab, which will take you to the "Personalized Profile" section, which is where you can set your avatar. (You have to have the URL of the image for it to work.)
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You could use imgur (no account required) and upload the picture you would like to be your profile picture. When the picture appears, right-click on the picture and press Copy Image URL. Then go to your Forum Profile under Profile at the toolbar at the top, and in the box that asks for your Avatar URL, right-click the box and press Paste. Aaaannnnnd there ya go! ;)

EDIT:  lol Just gonna post this anyway...

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