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[glow=darkgreen,2,300]So, firefall went into a pre OB, and im inside it. For those curious, theres 5 armor frames(sniper,asault,medic,engineer and tank). You dont have a level, instead, you waste your experience in a tech tree for unlock other weapons, improvements to the armor as well skills, and higher tier class armor. If you played/know Guild Wars 2, theres dynamic events as well. Example: your walking and an outpost get attacked, losing/defending it, or you reconquer one taken. Other example: you are walking whitout any worry and a choosen pod falls next you, spawning enemies next you.

The world is a 1:10 of the earth, but you have to unlock it slowly, since the world is covered by the medling. The crafting consist in gathering of materials such as crystals and to leave them x time till you can unload them.

There's a call down system for consumables, for example, after craft 5 small medipacks, you can call down 1, then have to wait 40-50 seconds. With this, you cant spam the health/ammo kits.

In definetly, is an open world mmofps like Global agenda somehow, yet, different, in wich players what paid or waste money just get fancier armors what can be painted or decoration/visual items. As well you can buy other armors till have 3 in total, and switch them in the "cities" for change the play style when needed in a frame station.

P.S: If you play as a sniper, there's cycle between day and night, you have a flashlight but is useless, since dont reach too far, it will be better to play as sniper at day and some other class at night.
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