Where do I post Let's Plays on here? (please help)

Started by LostSanity, 2013 Jan 24, 23:03:48

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So... I need some help. I also didn't know where else to post this, so, if this is in the incorrect area, please move it to the correct area.

Anyway... Let's Plays. I LOVE watching them. They looked fun. So... after awhile... I decided that I wanted to do some myself.  X3

I've actually already done quite a few. But that's not the point and I'm not going to advertise because that's against the rules obviously.  :I Besides... I already have a thread in the "Video" area that sort of covers that I guess.  X3

Anyway... allow me to get to the point of this thread/post...

Where do I post Let's Plays on here? You see... the Let's Plays... are actually some Let's Plays of MLP:FiM fan games made by bronies. However... there will be other Let's Plays I do that aren't that and are completely different things altogether.

So... where do I post them? Here? Pony Off-Topic for the MLP:FiM fan game ones? Or the Video area?

I'd really appreciate any help anyone here could give me with this.

Thank you.
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You can submit them in the Video board in the "User Submitted Content" section. ^-^

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Chishio has it right
Im going to lock this topic up now
if you have nay other questions please let me know
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