Inauguation contest today

Started by Dragnmastralex, 2013 Jan 26, 23:15:01

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Did any of you call the 800 number to enter the contest today during the episode?
I tried the moment the number appeared but apparently some airings have a few seconds of live feed sooner than I do and the circuits went busy almost instantly.

They are STILL busy seems bronies flooded the call line and won't give up... bet they got over 90k calls.
that number will be busy til the day the world ends lol


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Midnight Breeze

I guess I missed something. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Chishio Kunrin

Me neither, but then again, I didn't watch the episode live. I was asleep. Having to get up in the middle of the night to clean up broken glass can kinda make you sleep in.

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Oh BUCK, that was today? *Hits self upside head*
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I just watched it from the EQD YouTube ver. of the ep.


Midnight Breeze

What does an inauguration have to do with it?


Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2013 Jan 27, 01:01:44
What does an inauguration have to do with it?

You know I can't find any info online about it at all, its like it never happend wow...

they held a contest on the Hub if you called in during the show to enter you could win a trip for you and your family (4 people total) to fly to LA and have a party with a special concert to celebrate the coronation in the final episode of this season.

the moment they flashed the number the line has been busy since and will stay that way.
1(800) 586-9600 was the contest number I bet after they picked a winner they took it off the hook lol.

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