Which Video Game Abilities Would You Want?

Started by Chishio Kunrin, 2013 Jan 18, 23:36:30

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A questing system would really make life grand  :D


Quote from: Itty Bit on 2013 Jan 19, 14:26:23
Character creator and save points. I hate how I look, and having the ability relive all those good moments :3
I love the way you look though :(

I'd get pockets and character creator.  ^-^
Pockets for holding all the candy I want~
Character creator to be adorable. :3
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Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2013 Jan 21, 00:37:42
Character creator to be adorable. :3

But... you already are adorable...

I would definantly chose Save File and Extra life.... So, after I die, I can easily go back to before I died and avoid my death.

But, if there was an option to go to any place at any time (even if its not real), I would definantly chose that one.
And if there was one for transformation... I would go with that along with it.
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2013 Jan 21, 01:40:23 #23 Last Edit: 2013 Jan 21, 01:53:35 by Lyra Heartstrings
Oh, hey i saw this on the Machinima page earlier.  Many interesting choices to pick through.  But i'd probably pick Character Creator and Save point, so i can always save before i use my character creator and then re-use it at any point i want to if i don't like my first choice.  :nod: 

Only problem i see with save-point is though is having to relive the same moments, though i suppose that would make it rather fun at the same time, as you could easily mess with someones mind, and pretend that you are from the future.  lol
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I'm REALLY losing my faith in humanity with all these people choosing character creator... :s

I would choose save points and extra life. Save point is for obvious reasons like if you did something wrong or failed a test you can just re do it again. Extra life is for if I catch a diease that causes death or anything that can kill you, I could be revived again. Also, if I lose a life, I'll reload a save point to get it back and do not do whatever killed me. The only downside is that you can save only in your bedroom.

And WHY isn't there a option for having music to be played at a certain place??? It'd be awesome to hear Pokemon bike music while you're riding a bike. lol Even though there ARE portable music devices... But it'll be useful to hear music in places you can't bring devices, like school. Epic music plays while you're doing a test.
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