Off-Topic Cleaned Out, Roleplay Cleaned Out, & Deleting Accounts Disabled

Started by Liska, 2013 Jan 13, 02:11:55

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1.) The Off-Topic was cleared of any thread with the last response being older than 120 days old.
Most of these threads were simply deleted. About one page of threads were moved to the Retirement Home. Off-Topic doesn't/shouldn't have any important topics, thus most were deleted in order to clear room for our resources.

2.) The Roleplay Category has had an organizational lift.
Many old threads have been deleted, I have created a "Sign-Up Threads" board for all your RP sign-ups.
The deleted threads are again, to open up resource space.

3.) Deleting your account is disabled.
People have been doing this because they dislike their account names or so.
Since your forum account is your login account for the game, the ability for someone to delete your whole account would be devastating in a result of a hack, so we feel it's best to disable this to save a few headaches in the future.

Thanks for reading, and please PM me with any complaints or concerns.

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