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Started by Liska, 2013 Jan 10, 20:28:47

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Whenever one of the Legends of Equestria team members feels like streaming, they'll respond in this thread! If they remember to.  :/ Silly fillies.

Legends of Equestria Livestream!


Yay Livestream thread! I will be streaming right now for a few hours, stop on in!


However do I add this to my notifications, I can't find a notify button. :ajshifty:

I'll remove my post once I figure it out, sorry for any inconveniences. X3


I will be streaming for some time tonight. Come party with us.


I know Popey should really be posting this, but He's in the middle of streaming, so I'm here to let you all know that he is now streaming


I will be streaming righhhthtttttt.... NOW.


Advice on trying to catch one of these elusive Livestreams.

  • Popey usually streams Friday or Saturday, I've seen him stream on a Sunday and 1 occasiaon a Thursday, but always look for him on Fridays/Saturdays at 10EST-12EST

    • Popey is pretty much the only one who streams stuff,otherwise you won't see much of the other staff unless of course a event (made by LoE) occurs


streaming will be occurring now, so sayeth I.


I'm going to stream for a bit tonight. bored.



Howdy doodly.  I'm going to definitely not not stream right now. So.. come on down if you want to not see me not streaming!

Weatherboy1 Again I know it's not my place to post, but Popey is in the middle of modelling right now, And I thought I should alert the public



I am going to stream tonight for a bit.

Blue Ink

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to let ya'll know that there's going to be a livestream about character creation next sunday (the 17th) at 12 PM PST, 3PM EST.
It'll document everything from how a writer thinks of a character to concept art to the character being put in the game. :)
Hope you'll join us! 


I'll be there too, and we'll have some concept artists and voice actors there to provide their own professional input. Stop by for a bit, ask some questions, and learn a little more about the game's progression!


Aure is absolutely right, I will be there  :3


Aw, what the hay, me too!


Woha, Seem's like a party :)

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