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Started by Kayian, 2013 Jan 02, 12:07:09

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I am trying to make this fic, being one of my new years resolutions =x

One of the main things I need help with, is coming up with names. Right now, its really just scattered ideas  :s
I do have a vision, but I need help to make it sound right....

To better understand what I'm saying, well in the past when I tried to come up with fics, I got feed back that just discouraged me from continuing. I know that negative feed back is a necessary part of writing, but my problem is that, the things I see in my mind don't come out right in words.

The help I need, other than coming up with names, is to help me move the story along. I tell you what I think and then when you look it over, you tell me how it should come out.

I could tell you more over Skype through voice chat, but here is part of the prologue and idk maybe a little of the first chapter....

To my new predecessor,

   If you are reading this, then that means that my time has come and you are the new overseer. Though we may have not known each other in life, I still call you my friend. I keep watch over Equestria, keeping track of all the accomplishments and failures, keeping track of all life.

part of ch. 1

some of the inspiration I have going along with this fic:

FMA: Antagonist - group of ponies that are creating something like the philosophizer stone to amp there magic and or give them magic to live forever.

Ghost rider: Protagonist - Trying to get rid of a curse, but realize something and decide to keep it for good.

Spyro the dragon: Protagonist - The chronicler, or someone that watches over

these are just some shows/game that I got inspiration from. I am not exactly going to use what inspiration I get from them like that.

The other reason I am trying to come up with this, is because of this deviant art user that came up with the main character I see for this fic http://calamityb31.deviantart.com/art/CalamityB31-OC-342630745 and after reading this, I got the inspiration to come up with a fic.

I could really use your help making my dreams a reality  X3

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