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Started by HerpyDooves, 2012 Nov 09, 21:30:48

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When I go on youtube and try to watch a video, it skips horribly. But if I do anything else with sound, like a game, it works just fine. I really need some help please  D:


What browser are you using?
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first, do other browsers work fine?
then (on chrome) do other sites with streams work fine? (like is it just youtube)

if the other browsers work fine and other streaming videos work fine on chrome
try this:
Open a new tab and navigate to chrome://plugins/
At the top right, click on +Details
Scroll down until you see Flash
Disable all the flash player plugins, but the one with the directory Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_3_300_268.dll
Open a new tab and go to YouTube
Watch a video and you should be able to hear sound

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I disabled what you told me to disable, it doesn't work in other browsers, livestreams and such also have this problem. The disabling part kinda worked, but the audio is still glitchy.

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I occasionally have that, according to some youtubers it's an audio glitch within youtube videos. Dunno bout the livestream problem, but it may also be a virus as it doesn't happen to me very often.
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 O: I think I might know what the problem is...

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Lately, when Youtube videos start acting up for people, I blame Chrome. After all, problems like this kinda started after Google took over Youtube.

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You should try to update your Flash Player.

If this didn't work, downgrade it.^^

I had the same issue once.
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Quote from: Skardan on 2012 Nov 13, 13:16:34
You should try to update your Flash Player.

If this didn't work, downgrade it.^^

I had the same issue once.

Well, Google Chrome does update itself when it comes to Flash Player, so maybe you're onto something when you say "downgrade" it.

Oh, and when I said I thought I knew what the problem was, I was wrong. I thought it was virus, but I cleaned my computer for about 30 minutes to an hour and didn't find one virus.


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I was searching around on google for the issue and someone suggested using the Flash Player uninstaller and following the instructions. Then re-installing flash.

Also what OS are you using? There may be a fix depending on if you are using Windows XP or Windows 7/Vista I had to adjust a sound problem on XP once.

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