My Little Pony cellphone game! Post your GL Live usernames!

Started by Iodine, 2012 Nov 08, 14:42:08

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My Gameloft live ID is the same name as here which is KirbyFluttershy so I can be recognized by others. just give me a PM on notice when you send me a friend request.
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I'm Codefreak5 on GL, and I'll try to send gifts every day, but I've got way too many friends to send chests over to everyone. I'll try to write down the names of people who need them, though; just send me a PM or something.

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My GL user is the same as mine, but with a _ since it would accept it as what i have as my name here. Just send me a message and I'll add you as a friend. I may not get to it right away but I will, just give it time!  :D


My name is Cormac117 same as here. Add meh plz!  DD:
Made a new account: Sunshine Smash.



CompyDeathglare, not sure if I posted it before. I have troubles getting my friend's list to load, however, if someone wants to help me figure that out!
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I could've sworn I posted mine on here...I THINK it was still Chromastone64, but I'll double check when I get home.

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I found out my Gameloft name is Chromastone7.
Please friend me, I really need hearts X3
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hay everypony mine is same as here arianna_grace


If anyone still plays this, yeah my GL Live username is: ponkeepee, Add me!  ^-^
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I sent you a request, Button ^-^
As well as a bunch of other people. I basically went through these posts and sent requests X3
A self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-media-types". I tend to say "freaking" a lot.<br />My OCs:



Been playing this game on and off for a long time  lol . My GL is Astranacus

and this is my terracotta army of Celestia statues


My GL name is FeldwebelBrony - would be nice to exchange some gifts  :D


About time I added my Info.

Gameloft Name: chrisgotjar

The game seems to have implemented a new code system too so I'll just stick that here as well.

Pony code: a0924
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Forgot if I already posted here. Oh well.

Username: SimK64

New code system: 7520

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Quote from: SimK64 on 2015 Jul 25, 17:56:23
Forgot if I already posted here. Oh well.

Username: SimK64

New code system: 7520

Hm... Another platform? I'm on an iOS/Apple device.

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