My Little Pony cellphone game! Post your GL Live usernames!

Started by Iodine, 2012 Nov 08, 14:42:08

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It's finally out! Anybody with an iPhone or iPad should be able to play it, and they'll be bringing it to Android soon too!

If you happen to be playing, make a Gameloft Live account and add me: StarlightGaze

Leave treasure chests for friends to give them hearts so you can help unlock ponies!


Oh, yes! I was on my way to make this thread. ^-^

I didn't think I'd like this game... But I LOVE it!

Must be the music and voice acting. :]

DoesItWorksJay is my Gameloft account name.

Xeno Aura

I didn't expect it to be out on Android at the same time as iOS. We always get stuff later than iOS users, which is a bit strange, but oh well. :)

Chishio Kunrin

If it's that Ponyville pony village thing where you can unlock characters and stuff, someone said Derpy is hiding in a box in a dark area you can scroll to.

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I wonder if this game would run on The Ouya, I'd probably get it eventually if it did once I got an Ouya.

Xeno Aura

I think developers have to specifically port their games to Ouya, instead of all of them working straight away.

I'm not sure how the Ouya could handle most Android games, due to the touch controls which the Ouya lacks.


Yes Chishio, Derpy randomly appears in a box around Ponyville. You can tap it to get some money and to see our favorite mailmare being herself. ^-^


I just watched the ouya video again, I think the touch pad can be used for touch screen games but they would have to integrate it someway, hopefully they do that as it would probably be pretty cool.

Xeno Aura

Yeah, main problem with the touchpad is that you can't see where you are pressing on it, unless the pad has a built in screen? Which I doubt.

Still, if it is compatible with Ouya, yet another reason for me to buy one. :)

Hope this comes out on Android soon, generally get bored of these games after 30 mins or so and never go back, but I might play this one longer.


I got this today too, and I need friends, so add me on the gameloft name Artaelian (though please let me know if you've added me, in case it doesnt automatically add you to my friend list).

Edit: could people please leave chests in my town? I need them for a goal.

Edit 2: I'm having internet issues, the connection tends to refuse to accept doing anything, and as such, I cant login to Gameloft live until the issue is resolved.

Does anyone know how chests look when in your town?
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Xeno Aura

This game is out on Android now.

EDIT: Seems to be some problem with the Android version, runs quite slow and laggy on my tablet, a few others with top of the line tablets are saying it's running laggy as well.


Does anyone think the game might come out for PC at some point? Cause, I don't really own an I-pod or a tablet or anything....


Username: TigerPegasus

Add me if you wish  ^-^

Edit: excuse me, but are you supposed to be able to make the ponies walk around? I can't seem to do so.

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Sadly, I'm in to day two of this game insisting I dont have an internet connection (so no connecting to gameloft live) and also insisting as a result that I am a huge forever alone and have no friends.
I have no idea how to fix this, which has forced me to use pink gems I was saving up to skip social interaction quest goals (because I cant achieve them anyway while the app refuses to connect to gameloft live).

Worst part is I still dont know what chests look like when someone leaves them in your town...
Pre-Alpha test characters:
Fireshot (unicorn), Sunshine Blaze (pegasus)

Xeno Aura

Yeah, a few people keep reporting that it won't connect to Gameloft Live, like my cousin.

I can connect to GL Live fine, but the game is so laggy for me, it's not very fun to play, so I'm going to wait for them to fix the laggyness with patches before I properly play it.


The game runs perfectly for me, only problems are the messy online (I've around 170 GL friends, yet only a few show up in the game) and I can't purchase gems or coins because the game says I'm offline (When I clearly am not). :P

Added you guys!

Xeno, what's your account name? ^-^

Xeno Aura


Yeah the lag is device specific, my friends tablet runs it fine, but mine and some top level Samsungs appear to not run it well, keeps lagging and getting choppy.

Not really choppy, it just runs at about 1/2 the speed it should when you aren't in a minigame.


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I'll check it out and download it on my sister's iPhone :P. I'll be sure to add you..

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