I need a bit of help, if you don't mind.

Started by Zaner-Boy, 2012 Oct 26, 05:53:02

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So to any other owners of AdBlock, my version appears to have stopped working. I have it downloaded, and it says it's enabled, but I'm seeing ads again. Can anypony help me out?


Are you using Mozilla or Opera both have adblock. I think Mozilla has adblock+ though. One thing you can try is un-installing adblock then re-installing it.

It also has settings in the new version that default to on. Like allow some un-intrusive advertising or something, if you uncheck that it should block all ads.


I have the Chrome version, and I'll go ahead and try re-installing.


I've never used the chrome version before but I assume it's similar if it's by the same people that made adblock+.


I have Adblock too, and that's exactly what  happened to me a few weeks ago. I just got Adblock Plus, and I haven't seen any ads in sight ^-^

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I might get AdBlock, but mostly use it on sites like Deviantart. It's pretty annoying on Deviantart, especially since some virus-carrying ads have loaded on that site before for me. The staff put up a notice many months ago saying that they took care of that, but I'm still wary at times. Also, they haven't gotten rid of the stupid ads that run a commercial with audio... and then reload when they're done with the same exact stupid video.

I don't think I'll be using AdBlock on Youtube, though. Gotta support my favorite Youtubers, after all. That, and I've found out about a lot of things from Youtube ads before I ever saw ads for them elsewhere, even TV.

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I have adblock for chrome and it works fine  :\

Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling the extension?

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