Jenzy's Request Art Corner [1/4 Complete] {Final Run to be determined}

Started by Jenzy, 2012 Oct 20, 20:00:29

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I probably haven't drawn anything MLP related in at least a year. And I can't say I plan to do more anytime soon. It's perfectly fine by me!


Thank you so much for requesting! Hope you were happy with the finished product that I've drawn. Hey, you get that for free! :P

I suppose I'm in my final run. I really don't do much pony art anymore. I guess I'm open to other stuff some time?
If I do ever get the time. College has been kickin' my plot as of late. Still goin' strong.

Final Pony List:
1. Princess Button
Final 3 hopefully to be determined soon.

If you're wanting to see something non-pony related, but most definitely animal/Nintendo-related, I suppose I'm more than happy to take it. You've got 3 options:

*May likely not draw pony with this format
Spoiler: show

Miiverse Post*
Spoiler: show

Art Academy*
Spoiler: show

Still not finalized in plans. But I hope to see you in Everfree NW, if you're attending. Gotta keep on chuggin' along.
I guess the true spoilers begin for me at the convention if I attend, unless I can find some way to watch the new 2 seasons.

Well, if anyone's still here, I'm just up for whatever. It's been a fun run. Can't guarantee quickness anymore, so I'm so sorry for any huge delay.

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It's understandable to see you move on from MLP art. Been a good run for you to give to the community. Still will be great seeing you draw everything else. Pretty sure we thank you for your time drawing requests.

Also, great you may be able to go to Everfree NW if possible. Wish I am able to go to at least 1 x3 hope to meet friends.

Also, take your time drawing. I think its better giving out quality over time. ^-^ Always amazes me and others.
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Boop outta nowhere!! What's up?
I hope i won't be late this time for ponies xD
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