A Video that will bring forth all your emotions.

Started by Lord of Madness, 2012 Oct 14, 18:42:17

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Lord of Madness

This Video is truly one of the most beautiful I have ever found in all my life.

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Seriously. This was a beautiful video. My emotions are really confused about this video. In a good way if that makes sense.

Stitchin Time

Book Smarts

That was an amazing short movie, so artistic and musical  :')

You get so drawn into it, the creature isn't creepy at all, it just wants to have somebody, feels more human  :'(

Blade Braveheart

My HEART MY HEART it hurts in a good way :') so sad yet so beautiful.
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White Prism

[glow=darkgreen,2,300]Beautiful and yet sad, the feeling of want to have anyone with you even briefly but at the end be alone >.<...And repeat the process for stay the sameway, whitout progress...[/glow]
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