Closing the Stress Test

Started by Cerebrate, 2012 Oct 01, 01:32:14

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Game access for regular users should now be disabled. If I've done it correctly.  You'll be able to stay in the servers, until they eventually get restarted. I'm still at the hotel for Canterlot Gardens, and am too lazy to restart them myself.

Hope you all had fun, even through our servers dying due to load, getting stuck in the map, falling into the void, etc.

To uninstall the game, simply delete the files you extracted from the zip folder.

The game also will have made additional files in the AppData folder. Looking, for me, it's in Users\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria. This might change depending on your computer and operating system.

Additionally, a few entries are made in the registry, if you want to clean those out manually. Just search for either LoE, or Legends of Equestria.

You're welcome to keep the files on your drive if you want, but it's rather pointless, as you will not be able to connect.


Quote from: The Great and Powerful Cerebrate on 2012 Oct 01, 01:32:14

getting stuck in the map
Totally happened at spawn, so I tried reconnecting and
Quote from: The Great and Powerful Cerebrate on 2012 Oct 01, 01:32:14Game access for regular users should now be disabled.
that happened. :(
Worst time to try out, lol.


'Twas fun even despite me not being able to play throughout the whole weekend. Totally looking forward to Beta/"full release" ^-^
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I never got to play but I made my oc Shadow Mare so awesome!


This is the best game ever. Can't wait for the full release!


I had so much fun, especially when racing or playing hide and seek! Can't wait for beta where we get to play hide and seek there indefinitely, and when that's released, that means the full game isn't so far anymore! ovO

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 >:O Moar, I must have MOAR! >:O

But seriously, that was really fun. I loved being able to fly, shoot fire balls, and just hang out with everybody. I even role played with a few people and that was more fun than I expected. ^-^

Please don't keep us out for too long. :D


I had a great time, I can't wait for the next chance to play it!~
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For macs, just drag it to the trash, empty, and your all done  :c

Can't wait for beta  ovO


I didnt get to play it!  >A<  D: DD: :I  :c  i just downloaded it then i read this  ovO . oh well i hope the BETA/full release is out!  :] :P :o :D ;) X3 ^-^ i love these emotiponies!
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 o.O Whyyyy? I just started playing yesterday!! Afternoon!! Okay evening.  DD: D: >A< :c guess ill just hav 2 wait hee  ovO
Get prepared, everypony. Season 3 is coming next month..


This was the funnest game ever. When the full game comes out, i'll have a much better computer, and it wont be so much lag. I really didn't mind being disconnected every few hours, because when ever I connected to cheerilee, I spent much, MUCH less time on the loading screen, one time, I only had to wait a moment and I was back on. It was so, so very fun. I just hope the head spinning thing stops, we get a little more mane styles, and I can get a cat. Oh and now I know which link to download for the full  release. The Mediafire Mirror one. I had no problems downloading it, and it didn't didn't take long.  ^-^
((Thanks everyone for the pictures ^-^))

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Quote from: A on 2012 Oct 01, 08:40:14
Quote from: Burning Spirit on 2012 Oct 01, 05:16:02
I loved being able to fly,


Quote from: Burning Spirit on 2012 Oct 01, 05:16:02
shoot fire balls,


Quote from: Burning Spirit on 2012 Oct 01, 05:16:02
and just hang out with everybody outrun everybody.

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Fixed. lol

Well, I didn't really get to play, but some good things still came out of this for me:
1. Hopefully my input also contributed to letting the devs know about more changes they need to make.
2. I discovered that my computer has a chip set, not a graphics card. Yeah, I didn't know that before this weekend. X3 Now that I know that, I know what needs to be done!

Honestly, though, I kind of wonder how good my chip set is, since I've played another MMO with little lag before. Because of that, I was really surprised that I don't have a graphics card.
[Edit]: Suddenly, I hope that doesn't come off sounding negative or mean or anything. >.<

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OH man, I woke up early so I'd get a little more time playing this amazing game!  DD: Oh well, I'll have to wait until the beta.

I had so much fun with this game, everyone was real nice and I made so many new friends. :3 This will probably be the one rare MMO I'll be addicted to for a very long. :D
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So sad i cant play it.
It was really fun .

Now we wait.
and wait.
wait  ovO



Only 2 days played, yet I allready miss it... It is truly magnificent for what it is. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity  ^-^.
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It's all over. The servers are now closed 'til further notice, so you can't access it anymore. They'll be back on once the developers have shoved it into beta, or that's the best guess so far.]Come say hi to Aurora Flare, a silly young pegasus![/url]


How can i play? or its closed for everyone?

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