Started by Stitchin Time, 2012 Sep 10, 12:14:28

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Stitchin Time

I am now suffering the side-effects of listing to too much the Living Tombstone, Mic the microphone, and Woodentoaster before bed. I had a dream where I met TLT and Mic, and all I wanted was to sing September with them, but I was too shy. Now I have September stuck in my head, and can't stop thinking about the Rainbow Factory.

And I enjoy every second of it.

Chishio Kunrin

At least you didn't watch too much of two certain Let's Play series that PewDiePie did and have a dream that your brain kept getting confused with. Every time my brain got confused, I jerked awake and was too uncomfortable to lay still for a little while.

"(Ticktock, time is running out) What are you doing now?
I don't know where you are, don't even know your name.
They think I'm crazy, my heartbeat goes up..."

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